VIP Revamped

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Published on Monday, 04 July 2011 12:12

Dear players,

With HoN having its official launch on 29th June, we've received a lot of feedback on the VIP system. The Garena HoN team has spoken to many HoN players regarding their concerns and suggestions. Here is what will be happening very soon:


1. Servers

With the great support from our VIPs, we are able to upgrade our servers for better latency and quality. This includes ALL the servers, thus benefiting everyone. We are in the process of setting up HoN servers in the Philippines, adding more low latency servers in both REG and VIP server pools. This will improve overall performance to both VIP and non-VIP players. The entire upgrading process starts from today. Non VIP players please do offer a word of thanks to the VIPs!


2. Heroes

The two heroes Flux and Marty will be unblocked for everyone once the Emerald Warden joins the battlefield this week.


3. Free VIP Giveaways

We are constantly giving away VIP redemption keys on our Facebook page at  Do follow the page and look out for the constant redemption code releases!


4. Promotional events to Redeem VIP by Silver Coins

We are working on a system where players can redeem VIP membership using silver coins. We will run the event once every two months, with a promotional price of 899 silver coins for 1-month VIP. For those who want to try out being a VIP, start to play more matchmaking and save your coins now!


5. Localised Price and Packages

A weekly VIP pass and weekend VIP pass has been planned to launch in selected local markets, with affordable prices.


6. Benefits to Playing in Cybercafes

We are going to launch a system to give players free VIP status when playing in selected cybercafes. Do make sure you ask your regular cafe owners to subscribe to our Garena Cafe Alliance - HoN Program which will be launching at the end of July.


We are always striving to bring improved service and a better experience to you. Again, feel free to give us your advice any time HERE!