Official Launch Frequent Asked Questions

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Published on Monday, 27 June 2011 19:24

1. Will there be a stat reset or compression at the release of the game?

There will be a PSR compression and a stat reset to accompany the official release of the game.


2. Will all the store items that I bought in Closed and Open Beta testing still remain in my vault?

Yes. All store items purchased with gold/silver coins will remain in your stash.


3. What sort of benefits can I get as a VIP member?

The ability to host on VIP Servers

Earlier Access to New Heroes

Gold Shield Status

Taunt Ability

Priority Access to Games


For more details, please go to


4. Can VIP members play games with lower pings?

Only VIP users can host on VIP servers. You can choose lower ping servers to play games.


5. I participated in the closed beta testing of Garena HoN; will I get any VIP privileges?

Yes, as thanks for your long term support. Closed Beta Testers can redeem 2 weeks of free VIP membership via their closed beta keys.


6. Will there be any special deals on the VIP membership upon its launch?

If you purchase VIP membership by 12 July, You will receive a 50% discount, bringing the cost of a month’s worth of VIP membership to only 144 Garena Shells.

Here is the price list for VIP membership:



1 Month: 289 Shells

3 Months: 849 Shells

6 Months: 1599 Shells

1 Year: 2999 Shells


In the first two weeks we will be selling the VIP membership at 50% off, so the promotional prices will be:

1 Month: 144 Shells

3 Months: 424 Shells

6 Months: 799 Shells

1 Year: 1499 Shells


7. I am a pre purchaser of international HoN. What are the pre-purchaser benefits?

We have revised the package and all pre-purchasers will receive the following rewards a week after the official launch:


3-Month VIP membership worth $20

1,000 Gold Coins worth $12

Taunt worth $8

Gold Shield Only for VIP and Pre-Purchase Players


8. Will there be more servers to cope with the increase of users?

Yes, additional servers are already en route and we are planning for more. Rest assured that as the size of the user base grows, so will the number of servers.