XtC wins Garena Carnival 2011 HoN Tournament

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Published on Saturday, 18 June 2011 15:14

Garena Carnival 2011 HoN Tournament Finals are being played at Illuma Level 7, opp. Bugis Junction, Singapore. Games are live steamed on the big screen here with a lot of actions going on. Be sure to visit us to watch the exciting matches and have fun in the Carnival!

Bracket (Click to enlarge):

Tournament Bracket

Live Updates:

21:15 PM Team XtC 2-1 Team iMpunity Congratulations to team xTc! 

21:15 PM Team XtC 1-1 Team iMpunity
20:50 PM Team QQ 2-0 Team Playmakers and won 3rd place of the tournament.
19:50 PM Team iMpunity 1-0 Team XtC
19:00 PM Team QQ 1-0 Team Playmakers
15:30 PM Team XtC 2-0 Team Playmakers. XtC will face off iMpunity in the final at 18:00PM today.
14:30 PM Team iMpunity 2-0 Team QQ. Congratulations to iMpunity for advancing to the final
14:00 PM Team XtC 1-0 Team Playmakers
13:00 PM Team iMpunity 1-0 Team QQ


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