READ! iceiceice: "I'm the best HON player"

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Published on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 14:28
garena messenger-HON
Drama Rama!
In case you haven't heard, iceiceice from Team Zenith has been seen playing HoN recently and now he's claimed title of being the best player in HoN and obviously doesn't care what the top teams have to say, until........ They got issued a Smackdown by Team Impunity
Check out the video below!
iceiceice: "I'm the best HON player"
Will they be able to stand their ground and will iceiceice be able to say that in Impunity's home ground after 6 weeks?
Or will Zenith get the smackdown instead?
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Tune in to find out more hot juicy gossip coming up real soon!