Zenith.Dota2 Challenges Impunity In Hon

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Published on Friday, 19 October 2012 15:26


garenamessenger-HON 1

iceiceice threw the gauntlet, iMpunity picked it up and the battle is on. The epic clash between Heroes of Newerth and Dota 2 will happen - on HoN's ground - and pride, honor and money is on the line for both teams. 


It all began on Facebook, it spread to Youtube and now it will get settled on the Garena servers in Newerth. Zenith challenged the HoN scene and iMpunity accepted said challenge.

In a Youtube video the well-known Zenith Dota 2 player iceiceice not only challenged the entire Heroes of Newerth scene, but also the game itself. In the video he is badmouthing the SEA teams like iMpunity or Orange eSports plus the international scene with sayings like "DreamHon looks like good and easy money." That verbal attack forced a Heroes of Newerth team to step up to the challenge and Team iMpunity answered the bell and will square off with the successful Dota 2 team in the near future.

iMpunity granted Zenith a six week period for practice, to which iceiceice responded that that time is way to much "two weeks should be enough". Still the match was scheduled in six weeks, which gives iMpunity and Zenith enough time to specifically prepare for the great clash of the two games.

The loser of this showcase will not only lose for their game - a bet that weights higher on the HoN side - but also lose their pride and honor. A special wager was added to the match, as the loser has to surrender their team jersey to the victor. That humiliation is something both teams would love to avoid, but in the end one team is not save. In addition that jersey will be showcased in the Garena Stadium for all people to see. 

That pride and honor factor might be the biggest factor for this competition, but Garena is also providing a small purse of $5,000 SGD (around $4,000 USD) for the victor of this battle. 

This contest, being held November 18th, is not only for the local crowd, but will get streamed in english language across the world. On top of that the estimated starting time - 4 PM local - would allow the european audience to watch it alongside breakfast as it would start 10 AM CET. Americans would either set the alarm really early or power through the night as the matches would start 4 AM EST (1 AM on the West Coast).

Stream: twitch.tv/garenahonsea

The official site for this special event will be launched this weekend with additional informations about the challenge, the teams and the event itself.

(source: GosuGamers)