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Published on Friday, 16 November 2012 16:21

This is going to be all about food, food and more food. The Stadium Cafeteria has an array of snacks to make sure our gamers never go hungry!

First up, let’s get to the hotdogs. We've heard great things about the hotdogs, so we were really looking forward to trying them. The gourmet hotdogs are available in various different flavours. I was really looking forward to trying the spicy or cheese hotdog, but they are so popular that they’re usually sold out. All snapped up by the hungry players!


We got the standard chicken hotdog, which arrived nestled in a warm bun studded with sesame seeds. It was drizzled with copious amounts of mustard and chilli sauce, and we polished it off immediately. I can’t describe the hotdog without sounding like a pervert, but it was… um. Thicker and longer than the usual cheap stuff you’d get elsewhere. CHECK OUT THE GARENA FLAG!!!

If you just want hotdogs without the bread, there's always the cocktail hotdogs, which come in a cup and covered with cheese. For just a couple bucks, it's a good snack.

Speaking of hotdogs, there's a hotdog eating competition at the Garena Carnival - it’s a good excuse to eat as many as you want!

For all you people with a sweet tooth, the Oreo cheesecake was divine. The cream cheese was rich without being overpowering and balanced well with the bittersweet chocolate. It wasn’t too heavy, and when I was done I was wishing I could order another slice.

The chocolate rum cake was a winner. The texture was just perfect, it was softly moist and the rum added just enough spice to the mousse cake.

To wash it all down, we had a strawberry smoothie, also available in mango and passionfruit. We also ordered an iced latte and a hot hazelnut latte. The coffee was in perfect dosage. Creamy and milky, it hits the spot without sending you on an insane caffeine overload.

We spent way too long taking pictures of the hotdogs and the cake till the coffee art was kinda ‘faded’ by the time we were done though. Oh well!

So what are you waiting for? Come down and try Garena’s very own hotdogs, cakes and coffee at the Garena Stadium’s Cafe @ Bugis+!