Forum Event: Hero Mash Up!

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Published on Friday, 16 November 2012 16:43

===About the Event===

This event will run for 4 weeks - Check the Forum Events section for weekly updates.

Round 1: 16 Nov - 22 Nov
Round 2: 23 Nov - 29 Nov
Round 3: 30 Nov - 6 Dec
Round 4: 7 Dec - 13 Dec

You will need sharp gamer senses, common knowledge of the game, and a little bit of luck! This event will run for 4 weeks starting today, 16th Nov 2012. All questions are completely HoN-related giving our loyal patrons an upper edge! 
12,000 Silver Coins to be given out during the course of this event. Know your heroes well and hone your hearing. 

Let's get it on!

Each week we will be giving out 100 silver coins to thirty (30) players. 
Triumph against the odds! If there are less than 30 winners, we will split 3,000 Silver Coins among all winners!

Only players that has submitted the correct answers are eligible to win.
Winning players will be chosen at random.

==Interested to Participate?===

Click here to read the forum post for details on how to participate!