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Published on Thursday, 22 November 2012 14:42

Catch the live stream today and tomorrow to support our HoN teams from South East Asia, Orange eSports & MRR, in their quest to conquer international teams on the biggest stage of all - DreamHack Winter 2012 @ Jonkoping.

Click on the links next to each match to visit the Live Stream portal.

22nd Nov 2012, Thursday

TteSports vs Team MRR (Best of 2) - GarenaHoNSea

Orange eSports vs Catz (Best of 2) - VOD1, VOD2

Team MRR vs QsQ (Best of 2) - VOD

Orange eSports vs PAIN (Best of 2) - VOD1, VOD2

23rd Nov 2012, Friday

6PM (GMT+8)- Gary Johnson 2012 vs Orange eSports (Best of 2) GarenaHoNSea

7PM (GMT+8)- Trademark eSports vs Team MRR (Best of 2) GarenaHoNSea

8PM (GMT+8)- VTI MSI Dynasty vs QsQ GarenaHoNSea

9PM (GMT+8)- Orange eSports vs CompLexity Gaming (Best of 2) GarenaHoNSea

1AM (GMT+8)- Team MRR vs vTi MSi.Dynasty (Best of 2) GarenaHoNSea

24th Nov 2012, Saturday

4PM (GMT+8)- Semi Final Game 1 Honcast

7.30PM (GMT+8)- Semi Final Game 2 Honcast

11PM (GMT+8)- Semi Final Game 3 - Third Place Honcast

3.30AM (GMT+8) -Grand Finals Match Honcast


 **In the event matches are delayed in Jonkoping, we will be making announcements to keep you updated**
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