Champion of October Online Qualifier: Club 119

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Published on Friday, 23 November 2012 11:24

Congratulations to the winners of Online TMHNC Qualifying round 15, Team C119! Your efforts will be stretched and tested vigorously as the approaching Grand Finals is closing in each time a qualifying round dies off. Team wEE you still have a chance to qualify so do not give up just yet! Round 15 has top the charts on registered teams comparatively to the previous rounds as 64 teams squared off against each other in the online rounds throwing punches and moraxus at their opponents for an opportunity to run for the RM300,000 Grand Finale Prize.

A certain prowling cat inform us that Team wEE consisted of few extraordinary individuals from Team GuC and Team Bazooka whom banded together, they didn't make it pass this round but the next, I would probably put my money on them!

The FINAL & LAST qualifier will be taking place in a City on a east coast state of Malaysia, Kuching on the 1st & 2nd of December. Now isn't the time to rethink your options but to calculate your probabilities! This author says, Go for it!

Game 1 nov

Game 2 nov
Quick Game Review Analysis :

Midas has made an entrance back into competitive plays and Moon Queen is still having her fun dominating unsuspecting teams with her ricochet blade attacks. Put up a quick ban on Moon Queen unless there is a strategy which exist to stammer her farming capabilities rendering her incapable for late game fights.

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