[DreamHack Winter 2012] Orange eSports to conquer Semi Finals

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Published on Saturday, 24 November 2012 03:48

 Orange eSports to conquer Semi Finals

We've seen flawless performance by Orange eSports (ORGE) on Day 1 with a clean 4-win streak against Cats Gaming and Pain Gaming.

For supporters following ORGE's progress on GarenaHoNSEA's Twitch TV, here's the lowdown on their performance for Day 2 of the Dreamhack Winter 2012:

The underdogs of last summer made some insane plays today.

Orange eSports took a game from Gary Johnson 2012, emerging from the Best of 2 play with a draw. This win against the ''2nd best team'' led by Swindlemelonzz proved ORGE to be a formidable force not to be taken lightly.

In their second game against CompLexity Gaming (coL). With the help of `MrGhost's Aluna constantly harrassing Moonmeander's Bubbles, Dabeliuteef got off to a great start and was off the walls with his Moon Queen's farm, ending the game with 740 Gold Per Minute compared to 332 from coL's Chessie. Winning Game 2 against coL brought the two teams to a draw with both teams advancing into the Semi Finals.

"When I saw this team in our group I was a little upset. I don’t think there is a team I despise playing against more than Orange eSports. I’m not saying that I’m afraid of them but the way the play the game is so different than most of the international scene plays theirs. I’m almost positive the way they play is bad but it can still throw teams who aren’t experienced versus it some curveballs. Hopefully our games go smoothly and we don’t have any unexpected hiccups."
- coL.Franzzii

Naysayers gonna hate! But as David "Moonmeander" Tan admitted, ORGE deserved the win fair and square.


[ORGE]dabeliuteef - Most Valuable Player?
*Stats updated 2.30AM after ORGE vs coL**

  • ORGE tops the chart with 6 Wins and 1 Loss.
  • [ORGE]dabeliuteef tops the Average Kill/Death chart with 5.0 with the runner up coming in at 3.0
  • [ORGE]dabeliuteef 3rd on the Avg Kills Per Game chart at 7.0
  • [ORGE]dabeliuteef 1st on the Average Gold Per Minute with a stellar count of 587.0