Malaysia Midwars Online Tournament - December

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Published on Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:33

The Return of Midwars !
Due to the overwhelming response by the awesome community, we have decided to bring you another fast paced grueling tournament by popularity, MY Midwars Online Tournament 2 ! Time to hone your tactics and pump up that adrenaline because the upcoming typhoon will twirl and swirl away majority of the competition leaving only the players whom are able to persevere through standing !

We also urge casual players to join into this fun event with a great chance to walk away with some in-game goodies to help add to your Hero or aesthetic collection !


Champion : 5,000 Silver Coins (1,000 silver coins per person) + 14 days legacy 
1st Runner Up : 4,000 Silver Coins (800 silver coins per person) 
2nd Runner Up : 3,000 Silver Coins (600 silver coins per person)
4-8 : 1,000 Silver Coins (200 silver coins per person)

Game Format:

  • Single Elimination
  • Finals BO3
Game Settings:
  • Game Mode: Banning Pick
  • Player Format: 5 vs 5
  • Map: Mid Wars
  • Server: Only on MY servers
  • Time limit: 30 minutes (Max) - The game is automatically ends at 30 minutes mark. Point System will be implemented if game has not ended within 30 Minutes.
Point System:
  • 1 Hero Kills - 1 point
  • 1 Tower Kills - 15 points
  • 1 Barrack - 20 Points
Rules and Regulations:

Unfair Practices Subject To Penalty 
-All cheating/hacking programs.
-If a Marshal decides that external factors (Spectators, Press, Competitor or Excessive intentional verbal abuse by a third party) gives an unfair advantage to a team, a warning will be given to the offending team, a second warning will result to a loss of round or disqualification, Marshal/Head Marshal decisions are FINAL.
-Intentional or non-intentional use of any bugs or any kind of usage will result in a loss or disqualification. The Decision will be made by the Marshal/Head Marshal, final decisions are absolute.
-Strictly no profanities of any form, warnings will be given to the offending team.
-Strictly no game spoiling/ bug expoiltation of any kind, disqualification and banned from further events are to be enforced by the Mashal
-3 warnings PER team will result to disqualification. Marshal/Head Marshal decisions are FINAL.

Misconduct is used generally for any unpleasant and undesirable behavior that is shown to irritate another person, or to stir unnecessary conflicts with certain intention.
Excessive racism remarks with or without the intention to emotionally offend another person. 
Excessive cursing/swearing, threatening, harassment, sexual Harassment and/or otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Game Spoiling/Griefing
Game Spoiling is defined with any direct or indirect intention to ruin the smooth proceeding of the game.
-Intentionally feeding an opponent or the enemy team with kills
-Destroying of items / hiding of items / any method that results in collective team items being made unavailable when needed
-Avoiding AFK detection
-Buying Couriers and sending them out to die
-Intentionally and consistently causing the death of a team mate, or the allied team in general
-Telling the opponent the location / status / items of a team mate, or the allied team in general

Bug Exploitation 
Deliberate and malicious exploitation of bugs to gain an advantage over the enemy team or grief allies. 

Rule Changes
The Management reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. Teams are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subjected to interpretation by the administrators based on the game.

Event rules and mechanics may change without prior notice.

Tourney details: 
Registration Date starts: 4th December 2012
Registration close on: 20th December 2012
Tournament Date: 23rd December 2012
Register HERE.

For further discussion, please visit the FORUM.