Champion of Kuching Offline Qualifier: Gizmo Gaming

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Published on Thursday, 06 December 2012 17:36
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Congratulations to the wining team of the Kuching TMHNC Qualifier which also happens to be the Final Qualifying round for TMHNC, Team Gizmo Gaming whom originated from the competitive D.o.T.A. scene.

gizmo game 1

Having an uneasy first round, Gizmo Gaming managed to persevere against Team Read Your Mind's quick push strategy but eventually fell short due to the poor selection of items. Having their midlane and bottom lane barren and ripe for the taking, Read Your Mind decided not to harvest on their fruits of victory but rather let it slip and rot away where they had no proper Carry player to pit against the menacing Sandwraith of Team Gizmo Gaming.

gizmo game 2

Team Read Your Mind took the 2nd game by a tide of aggression force with the pick-up on Moon Queen and a very rare Pandamonium scoring them the early kills into the game pushing their gold lead higher and higher against Gizmo Gaming and eventually taking the win.

gizmo game 3

In the third game, Gizmo Gaming turned the lazy susan's bad side towards Read Your Mind picking up their deciding victory for the title of Champion for the Kuching Qualifier. Gizmo Gaming only 2 months into HoN proved themselves that experience always beats skill.

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Champion: GzM

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                            dgsfsg 1st runner up: RYM   

IMG 2150

2nd runner up: WrX