Orange Flavored Victory at TMHNC Finals

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Published on Thursday, 10 January 2013 12:34

8 Online Qualifiers and 8 Offline Qualifiers which ultimately led to a Grand Finale which took place at the Garena Carnival where 16 Teams whom proved themselves to be the cream of the crop in Malaysia battled through wounds inflicted by the intensified atmosphere of the competition for the Grand Prize of RM300,000.

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16 Teams were placed into a Group Stage format of 4 per group had to fight amongst each other for a chance to make it to the second stage of the tournament which could only house the remaining 8 teams.
A - OE-Logo                       A - MCD logo                            B - LGMY logo       B - Neo
C - MUFC                       C - nknknknk                            D - FnTS logo                      D - HP-Logo
Team Orange ESports, McDonalD, Lon3ly Gaming. NE0 Ev0lutionz, 2000MMR, NoKamlin, FantastlcBaby, and HoNPortal Malaysia.

The Grueling matches of the double elimination stage took toll on 6 teams leaving only HoN Portal & Orange E-Sports a chance at the title shot as the first ever TMHNC Champions with a grand reward of RM300k. Team HoN Portal whom made their way to the Finals from the lower bracket section being placed there by Orange E-Sports during the quarter final match, went through an intensive game with Team MuFC in the Semi-Finals thus progressing further onwards. Orange E-Sports however progressed through the upper bracket gain an advantageous position giving them a one point lead in the best of 3 finals match.

Champion Orange

The vast crowd of spectators watched in awe as the finals took place at 6PM on the third day of the Garena Carnival between HoNPortal Malaysia and Orange ESports, however Orange ESports' assertiveness and acute perception of the game granted them a 30 minute victory over Team HoNPortal Malaysia. Congratulations to Orange E-Sports having achieve the first ever TMHNC Champions! Don't spend all that money in one place though!

1st Runner Up PORT2nd Runner Up MuFC

                                                                      Download Replay replay image 
                                                                      Download Replay replay image
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                                                                      Download Replay replay image
                                                                      Download Replay replay image

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