GosuGamers: [S2]Maliken Talks About Patch 3.0

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Published on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:26

Venture Beat interview [S2]Maliken about Patch 3.0

VentureBeat, a website obsessed with technology and why it’s important to us, sat down with S2 Game’s Marc DeForest, know by most as [S2]Maliken, about HoN 3.0 and what’s to come in 2013

Three years ago, the number of players playing Heroes of Newerth at the same time would be barely 30 thousand. According to S2 Games, they peaked at 135k concurrent yesterday, breaking their all time high. 

We’ve been pretty successful ourselves. I know that just in this year alone we’ve seen about 50% increase in our player base. We’ve had solid growth in North America, but we’re actually seeing most of our growth come from Southeast Asia - Marc DeForest, CEO and executive producer of S2 Games 

S2 Games have not only been working on hero skins, but also on redoing all the models, textures and even the map, with hopes to make the game look more crisp and significantly better.

But we knew we couldn’t just cater to all of those new players. 30 of the original (character) models, this being a three-year-old game, are getting refreshed artwork to a higher quality. Of course, we just call them HD versions of the models, but they look significantly better. And the map is getting a complete overhaul. The buildings, the towers, the wells, and the textures throughout the entire map are going to be changed, and it looks fantastic. I think people are going to be impressed. We’ve redone the in-game chat to make it better and streamlined it. We’ve redone the buddy list and notifications.

After a quick glance, the hero pool and diversity of heroes has grown massively over the last few years. And with the pace that S2 Games and their development team is going, its almost certain that the hero pool will continue to grow in 2013.

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