Singapore HoN 3.0 Launch Party @ Garena Stadium

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Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 13:13
The War Against Bots!

Mega Bots has invaded Newerth and we need you! The land of Newerth has been infested with the dark aura of artificial intelligence! These creatures have stolen the skills and thoughts of the Heroes and have come against to conquer with a mind of their own. As they feel no pain yet are unlimited in numbers and combat capabilities, we need your help in defeating them!

With HoN 3.0 pressing for release, come on down to Garena Stadium on 2 Feb 2013 to experience first-hand the touch of Bots!
Only the strong will prevail so read on!

Time & Venue
Venue: Garena Stadium, Bugis+ 

Date: 2nd Feb 2013

Time: 12PM – 5PM

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A Guide to the Invasion – The HoN 3.0 Launch
Find out more about HoN 3.0.
Early birds to collect limited redeem codes for HoN in-game items!

Free Play to Win+
Take part in our free play session against bots and win Alienware gaming peripherals!

Girlaxy Show Match
Watch our pretty HoN girls team smash the bots to pieces.

Audience vs Bots*
5 humans vs 5 bots. Winner gets prizes!

MegaBots Smackdown ft 3 All-Star Players
Softer - Team Leader for Christmas Rookie Cup Champion Team
Rhonn - iMpunity
Trinity - iMpunity

MegaBots Smackdown Challenge*
Top 5 contenders with highest kill streaks will bring home Alienware gaming peripherals.

Mega Lucky Draw+
More Alienware gaming peripherals!

+These events will have 3 lucky winners each
*These events will have 5 winners each
In returning your courage to join us in this battle, there will be door gifts to early birds and lots of gaming peripherals giveaways sponsored by Alienware!
100 x Early Bird Redeem Codes
Alienware Gaming Peripherals
Gold Coins
Come on down on 2nd Feb 2013 to win these exciting prizes!