Interview with sLiCKz - An Insight

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Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 14:21
With the announcement of the Garena Star League, [GM]Mischyz sat down with one of the top favourite players in HoN sLiCKz for an exclusive interview and spoke to him about his new team (Stay Green), his thoughts about leavingTteS, moving to Miami and the upcoming tournament. 
Since your departure from TTeSports (TTeS) and your decision to join your current team, Stay Green (sG), it's been nothing but positive results for you. Would you say that your addition to the team has definitely made a huge impact on the competitive scene in HoN?
I think my decision to leave TTeSports (TTeS) was a really good decision for me as I can honestly say that I am a lot more comfortable and happier with my new team Stay Green (sG). It's so much easier to focus on my gameplay with both me and swindlemelonzz making the calls during our games. I don't think it was such a big deal as what people made it out to be about my departure from TTeS as I had no reason to stay after L (dabeliuteef) left. When I first joined sG, it was slow to begin with but we came out stronger as the team progressed on. We're ranked #2 now but I'm pretty confident about being the #1 team in time to come.

You have officially announced that you will be moving to Miami with sG this year. What are your thoughts about it? Do you think it's going to work out and be extremely beneficial to your team?

I'm really excited to be moving to America with my new team and being able to have the opportunity to play competitive HoN with less then 200ping. I think we have a lot of potential as a team and we are only going to get stronger. I'm really pumped to see where this whole team bonding will bring us and the results that we will be able to achieve.

Rumour has it that there is going to be a shuffle in the team roster please do tell us more.

Unfortunately, rumours has it that a lot of stuff going on. We're going through a possible roster change right now but nothing is confirmed. Right now, sG is still staying as a team and more information will be released soon.

Garena has recently announced the Garena Star League which is a $60,000 USD tournament. In support of that, S2 has also announced their own qualifier for this event to send 2 teams over to compete. How confident are you that your team will be one of the 2?

We've been playing really well in past few weeks in HoN Tour and (sG is currently ranked 2nd) I feel that we have what it takes to qualify for Garena Star League. We feel really comfortable with most of the teams but Trademark eSports (tdM) is most likely the team to beat in this qualifier. I really hope that we qualify so that I can the chance to come to Thailand and experience the HoN scene in South East Asia.

Recently, ORGE eSports stated their roster change, with XXF_ leaving and 2 of the top ex-MuFC members (kiDDO` and Nick_Oks) filling in for the team. What are your thoughts about it? Do you think their performance will take a slide or will they come up better than before?

I don’t really know much about kiDDO` and Nick_Oks but I still think that ORGE is still a really strong team without XXF_ and they will definitely still be a hard team to beat at any major LAN tournaments.

Should your team qualify for The Garena Star League, what are your expectations for your team?

 If we get the chance to play in the GSL tournament, I have faith in my team that we will place top 3. We don’t really know too much about the SEA teams but I'm still confident that we will do well in the tournament. I am very interested to vs the team MRR to see if they have improved after their performance at DHW2012 they showed that they have great potential.

I would like to thank you for this interview and hope to see you guys in Thailand. Please, any shoutouts?

I'd like to shoutout to my team Stay Green, a big shoutout to Garena Hon for making this tournament happen and S2 Games for providing us with the opportunity to participate in the event. I would also like to give a big shoutout to all my fans that have been supporting me from the beginning and especially to Missy for helping and supporting me throughout in my Gaming Career.
We hope to see sLiCKz and his team in Thailand for the Garena Star League! How bout you? What are your thoughts? Leave them below!