HON 3.0 Live: Features & Fixes

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Published on Friday, 01 February 2013 08:18
Dear Players, we're glad to inform you that HON 3.0 is finally on live and the client is up and running!
These are the new changes that you would see in-game!
New features in game:
* Addition of Bots 
* Addition of New player tutorial and learnatorium
* Introduction of Report A Player
* Revamp of 30 Heroes and Forest of Caldavar Map
* New VRZO Announcers and avatars - New Cyber Scout Ultimate Avatar
* New Message of the Day Interface!
Known Glitches (to be fixed ASAP):
- Any games with Bots will not give exp
- Refer-A-Friend system will be fixed asap
- Create own Hero Guide not working
- "Bloodbath" header on VRZO Announcer not showing up
- Missing skill status icon in tutorial for Pyromancer
- Stats Reset is not available
- Buddy list is missing the "Friends" tab - to be fixed by this weekend
- Stats submission at the end of the game will take awhile to submit
- The command "/dnd" will cause disconnection from chat server
Please report your bugs here
Report-A-Player System
Please take note that once a report has been filed, it will be looked into after a certain number of reports has been made against that particular player.
We ensure you that our staffs will take and value your reports seriously and judgement on decision to be made on that player will be reviewed before passing. This is to inform you that a period of time if required before any action will be taken. We seek your understanding on this matter.