HON Downtime For Exp/Stats/Silver

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Published on Wednesday, 06 February 2013 10:32

Dear Players,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is in our deepest apologies to announce that the following aspects of the game play in HON v3.0.0.8 will be affected temporarily:

1. Experience - Games played will have NO experience points

2. Statistics - Game statistics will not be recorded

3. Silver Coins - Silver coins will NOT be given for ANY games played

It is also in our concern that this is a priority issue and hence we would like to seek your out most understanding as we work with S2 for a fix regarding this issue to ensure server stability. More information will be released once we have sufficient details on this fix. As a result, we will also be giving out 100 Silver coins each to everyone that have logged in during this downtime as compensation for this delay. Once again, thank you for your constant support.

*Note: 100 Silver coins will be given out within 3 working days.