[V3.0.2] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 14:18
Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v3.0.2 on 20 February 2013, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

New Torturer Avatar:
New Warbeast Avatar:
Den Mother
New Revanant Avatar:
Savage Revanant
New Accursed Avatar:
Diseased Accursed
Celsius Den Mother Savage Revenant  Diseased Accursed 


Version 3.0.2

== New Content == 

  • Added new Torturer Alt Avatar: Celsius
    • Celsius was once the keeper of icebound magic for Ellonia, but his obsession with Sol blessed flame led him to corruption from Magmus. Now his fiery daemon and frozen wizard halves battle for control, and the Legion suffers.
  • Added new Warbeast Alt Avatar: Den Mother
      • Many were killed by plagues in the Time of Ash; others were altered. Day or night, woman or wolf, the Den Mother is the reason her pack--and the Hellbourne--always have fresh Legion meat on which to feed.
  • Added new Revanant Alt Avatar: Savage Revanant
    • The Savage Revenants have reemerged, cobbled from the bones and armor of fallen warriors and draped in ancient skulls and desiccated skins. Are they a daemon deathblow or an act of Hellbourne desperation?
  • Added new Accursed Alt Avatar: Diseased Accursed

== General == 

  • Re-implemented Casual Mode Stats
    • This decision was made based off of both community feedback and further internal research. In the future we will be looking for a solution to address the concern for new players, but in different ways.

== Bugs Fixes and optimizations == 

  • Reworked enter queue logic: You are no longer kicked from a group and put in a solo group if you are in any kind of group already
    • This fixes being in a group alone (after inviting someone) and trying to queue causing issues
  • Insanitarius: Fixed an exploit where you can instantly re-toggle on Insanitarius on the same frame as the triggered 0.5s cooldown ends even when its 7 second cooldown period is not up yet
  • Bubbles: Shell Surf now hits at point-blank range again
  • Bubbles: Shell Surf interaction with other projectiles fixed
  • Gauntlet: Grapple's interaction with abilities like Ophelia's Judgment fixed
  • Monkey King: Fixed Vault's second activation potentially cancelling a Null Stone without any setbacks
  • Thunderbringer: Fixed his Staff of the Master boosted Lightning Storm so that it functions properly with his Lightning Rod passive
  • Oogie: Fixed Mardi Gras Oogie not healing herself when transformed from Primal Surge
  • Fixed a bug with Lockpick that prevented you from picking heroes from the lock pool.
  • Mentor chat is no longer logged in the game log
  • Team chat is now logged in the game log
  • Even out the patching progress bar so the majority of the time is no longer spent in the last few percent
  • Fixed Antlore Healer icons
  • Multiple Hero ability tooltip fixes
  • Notifications sounds should be working
  • Fixed health and mana lerping when selecting different heroes/couriers
  • Fixed health bar color options not saving between client restarts
  • Social Panel: The 'Remove Current Group' option when managing groups is now translated
  • Social Panel: Fixed group names with 's and \s causing errors
  • Social Panel: Removed a trailing space from the friends header string so that the header wasn't a tad longer than it should have been
  • Communicator should no longer force the game channel to be selected during the countdown
  • Added the missing private game tips
  • Removed multiple close news commands from multiple right click options
  • Fixed /clear while in-game
  • RAP submission now has a confirmation when submitted
  • Game chat messages prior to getting in-game now appear in the in-game chat
  • Fixed an error that prevented RAP from showing up in the right-click menu if there aren't a full 10 people in-game
  • Fixed the right-click menu not properly updating if you click a new line without closing the old menu
  • Fixed being unable to completely clear out the game name being used to filter the list
  • You can now select any map to filter a search by, even if you have Bot Match selected