New Hero Spotlight: Salomon the Djinn

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Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 10:25


Salomon the Djinn

Salomon the Djinn

Salomon is a mobile strength melee hero that hastes and heals allies while slowing and damaging enemies. Salomon is very position reliant but gains defensive bonuses for his mobility. 


Ability 1: Djinn Blast
Skill 1Target a location to hit enemies and allies in a line. Deals 235 Magic Damage to enemies and heals allies for 150.

Ability 2: Sacred Grounds
Skill 2Activate to gain 200 Movement Speed and leave a trail of dust for 6 seconds

Enemies on the trail receive a 20% Movement Speed Slow. Allies on the trail gain 200 Movement Speed Increase.

Ability 3: Guardian Spirit
Skill 3Passively grants a damage shield absorbing 1 plus 0.8 per hero level Pre-mitigation Damage for every 100 units moved. Maximum of 50 plus 30 per hero level.

Activate to transfer your remaining shield to all nearby allies but lose the passive buildup for the cooldown. Minimum of 10% will always be transferred.

Ability 4: Last Wish
Skill 4Activate, unleashes 8 spheres spiralling outwards around you dealing up to 800 Magic Damage. After 2 seconds, spheres spiral back to you dealing up to 800 Magic Damage to enemies.