[V3.0.4] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 05 March 2013 14:35

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v3.0.4 on 6 March 2013, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*


New Alt Avatar:
New Alt Avatar:
New Alt Avatar:
Slenderx - Copy nEO IMG Svarog - Copy nEO IMG Zeus - Copy nEO IMG 
New Alt Avatar:
New Alt Avatar:
New Alt Avatar:
Odin - Copy nEO IMG Quetzacoatl - Copy nEO IMG Kali nEO IMG



Version 3.0.4 

== New Content == 

  • Added new Magmus Alt Avatar: Svarog
    • Svarog is an Archaic god once worshiped for reforging the sun every night so it could rise again come morning. Now he returns to Newerth with Risen Ra, his brass skin and flaming hammer ready to regain lost glory!
    • Scheduled to be released on 6 Mar 2013
  • Added new Ravenor Alt Avatar: Zeus
    • When the Archaic gods were supplanted and confined to the Heavens by Newerth's devotion to Sol and the Hellbourne, Zeus--god of sky and thunder--was most furious of all. Now he is unleashed, and he brings a vengeful storm with him.
    • Scheduled to be released on 8 Mar 2013
  • Added new Grinex Alt Avatar: SlenderX
    • If you believe The SlenderX is a myth, feel free to disregard the whispers as you try to escape the darkening wood. They will be much easier to ignore than the claws and tentacles that sink in just before you vanish.
    • Scheduled to be released on 6 Mar 2013
  • Added new Zephyr Alt Avatar: Quetzalcoatl
    • Ages ago the Archaic god Quetzalcoatl was praised by the people south of the Rulian Marshes for his divine light, wind, and mercy. His bladed wings and massive talons will offer none of those when he battles the Hellbourne.
  • Added new Tundra Alt Avatar: Odin
    • The wise and fierce god Odin has longed to return to Newerth with his raven Muninn, hound Freki, and steed Sleipnir to fight alongside his son Thor. Now Risen Ra grants him that opportunity, and Odin shall hunt daemons once again!
  • Added new Defiler Alt Avatar: Kali
    • Kali, goddess of time and change, annihilator of evil, watched helplessly from the Heavens as the Hellbourne changed her realm of the Great Waste to a field of slaughter and suffering. As she descends with Risen Ra, she is ready to show these daemons what divine slaughter looks like.
  • Added new Alt Avatar Bundle: The Archaic Gods
    • Svarog (Magmus), Zeus (Ravenor), Odin (Tundra), Quetzalcoatl (Zephyr), Kali (Defiler)
    • The Archaic Gods have returned to Newerth to lead man and beast against the Hellbourne and regain the glory they lost to Sol's Disciples! Purchase this bundle for early access to the avatars and a 20% discount on the set! That's getting one free!
    • Scheduled to be released on 6 Mar 2013

== Hero Balance   ==  

Essence Projection: Cool Down decreased form 90 to 90/75/60

Chain Spike: Immobilize increased from 1/1.5/2/2.5 to 1.3/1.7/2.1/2.5
Chain Spike: Damage increased 35/70/105/140 to 45/80/115/150 on both initial and activation

Time Leap: Damage rescaled from 25/75/125/175 to 50/90/130/170

Rift Stalk: Fade Time lowered from 2 seconds to 1.5

Forced Evolution: Slow on Attack increased from 15/25/35% to 25/30/35%

 Puppet Master
Movement Speed increased from 300 to 305
Puppet Show: Cool Down reduced from 30/28/26/24 to 20

== Bugs Fixes and optimizations  == 

- Artesia: Fixed Essence Projection so that its regeneration aura properly applies to magic-immune units
- Devourer: Fixed Decay's radius so it grows properly with the number of charges on his ultimate state
- Silhouette: Fixed Relentless Salvo on Sileena Silhouette so it uses the correct projectile model
- Solstice: Fixed her mumbling two things at the same time when the game starts
- Enabled caching guides in the Learnatorium
- Generic floating tips now bring themselves to the front when shown
- Fixed clicking EA Heroes in the simple hero list (which was broken in the fix to make the buy hero button work right)
- Reduced the fade times for the bottom in-game guides bar, this prevents it from not properly showing when opening/closing the guides in-game