GSL Interview: Mynuts: 'Now we're not on top anymore, now we have something to fight for'

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Published on Thursday, 07 March 2013 13:45

Mynuts: 'Now we're not on top anymore, now we have something to fight for'


Johan 'Mynuts' Andersson is one of the most accomplished captains in the history of HoN. First he lead Lions eSports to a NASL title and a third place finish at DreamHack, then he dominated the scene with Trademark eSports. He sat down with GosuGamers to discuss the GSL qualification, the recent slump and the upcoming events.

Hello Mynuts, first of congratulations for the recent qualification for the big GSL tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. You entered both qualifiers as a favorite, how disappointed was the initial loss to Stay Green for you guys?

Even though we were confident we would win the second one it was pretty disappointing. We're one of the few top teams that have lots of players who study, so being able to put HoN aside for a while and focus on other things is invaluable.

Despite the confidence going into the second Qualifier, was it still a relief for you to finally reach the spot for Thailand or was it totally expected?

We've been through a bit of a slump lately, so we weren't as confident as we had been before, but we still felt like we were the strongest team in the qualifier.

You said you went through a slump, while compLexity re-emerged back to the top. What was your take on them in before the Grand Finals?

To be honest, both teams were deserving to go to Thailand, we happened to be the better team that day and it kinda sucks for coL.

Now that you have the ticket, what do you expect to achieve at the actual LAN event?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to Bangkok to have a ton of fun with some great friends. Hopefully we can perform at a level appropriate for the reigning DH champions.

What result would be appropriate for you as DH Champions?


To get to that goal, you obviously have to go through the Bo1 bracket. How concerned are you about the "random factor" such a system has?

...blaming the format is a silly excuse. 
There is no use being concerned about the format, every team goes into the tournament knowing exactly what kind of tournament it is. The winner will be the team that's most prepared, blaming the format is a silly excuse.

How do you plan on preparing for such a variety of unknown opponents then?

The downside of being a big team going into a tournament like this is that you're a prime target of cheese. But we'll practice really safe lineups and drafting, scout rosh every game, etc.

You have been to two DreamHack events with SEA participants. What is your general opinion about that region?

Well, I've only met three teams, so I can't really judge the entire region.

Something you might be able to judge better than is your team on LAN. The last big LAN you attended, your team won in convincing fashion, in addition to your NASL Championship in the LAN environment. What is the key to success for you and the teams you lead?

Not willing to share my secrets!

Not even a hint? Or a part of the secret?


Fair enough I guess, let's switch gears and talk about your recent team performance. In the current Cycle 7 you did not even reach the second weekend of the competition. What is currently missing from the past form?

It's just us being content with what we've achieved, we're going to Bangkok and Vegas and that's our focus right now. Leaving more time for real life stuff, we'll make sure to be back in shape before the LANs though.

So you are not even slightly concerned about the recent lack of success? we have something to fight for... 
Nah, it's all about motivation, it's a lot easier to find motivation when you're the ones chasing. Now we're not on top anymore, now we have something to fight for, we'll bring our A-game to Thailand for sure.

You talk about Thailand and Las Vegas, but not about the big offline event that you are participating in tomorrow - the SoundBlaster Heroes League. You are not putting any effort in that?

Nah, we haven't put that much effort into it yet, but it's a very drawn out tournament.

You play Team Excellent in the first round, a team that just pushed you out of the Diamond Division Cycle. Does that provide motivation enough?

Ya, that one was a wake-up call for the team. We'll do our best to never let that happen again

So your team will be fueled by revenge going in the SBHL tomorrow? You guarantee a win?

If I know my team right they'll be fueled by tomatoes, peppers, bullar and weed.

Alright, I take that as a very weird statement. Let's wrap it up with the two big LAN events you already mentioned. Thailand and Las Vegas: Garena Star League 2013 and HoN Tour. Which one are you more eager to win and why?

Hmm, I'd rather win GSL, but I think Vegas is gonna be way more fun.

You already said you want to be #1 in Thailand, can we assume that that is also your target in Vegas?

No, we're aiming to finish 4th in Vegas.

Okay, good luck tomorrow in the SBHL. Any final shoutouts you want to get out there?

Shoutout to Sören for his amazing contributions to the HoN scene XD. And shoutout to Sam "Milkfat" Braithwaite, the best Commissioner of eSports.
Credits to : GosuGamers