Trademark eSports follows Stay Green to the GSL 2013

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Published on Thursday, 07 March 2013 13:50

Trademark eSports follows Stay Green to the GSL 2013


The longtime rivalry between Trademark eSports and compLexity Gaming in Heroes of Newerth is fresher than ever since compLexity Gaming rose to old strength again. Today both teams clashed in yet another Grand Final to determine the second NA/EU participant for the Garena Star League 2013. 

It was three weeks ago when Trademark eSports reached the Grand Final of the first GSL Qualifier, but suffered a crushing lost against Stay Green. The guys from Miami secured the spot in that match, leaving Trademark eSports outside at first. Now Trademark eSports utilized their second chance and will travel together with Stay Green to the big LAN event in Bangkok, Thailand. 

To get to this point the European team had to fight off a tough upper portion of the brackets with opponents like Pencils and Tt eSports just to reach the Grand Final. compLexity Gaming might have had the easier path to reach the final stage of the Qualifier with three consecutive 2-0 sweeps against SdS, Pikachu and QsQ. In the end the results of the Grand Final is important, not the way to the big match.

Europe Trademark 

United States compLexity Gaming
Denmark noobG Carry Denmark Haxxeren
Sweden Limmp Middle UnitedStates bkid
Sweden zai Suicide UnitedStates MoonMeander
Sweden Mynuts Jungler UnitedStates Riser_
Sweden Fittske Support UnitedStates Franzzii

Both matches of the series were highly contested and tight throughout them. The two maps actually saw both teams leading in terms of stats several times, with great pick offs, sloppy engagements and team fights, big plays and several lead switches to make for two and a half hours of high-class Heroes of Newerth. In the end compLexity Gaming just did a couple of mistakes too much, while Trademark eSports was quick to capitalize and feed off of those small missteps. 

Game One saw a great start for the North American roster with two quick kills against zai` playing the Suicide Wildsoul, leading to a quick lead in Gold and Experience to get into the later stages of the game. That lead got even aggrevated with multiple tower pushes and small pick offs against Engineer and Tempest in the enemy jungle. Even the team fights went in favor of compLexity early on, resulting in three free Kongor kills. 

Still Trademark eSports kept their cool and played for the lategame, in which heroes like Wildsoul or a farmed Hammerstorm played by noobG would just take over the match eventually. Exactly that happened in the end with compLexity going for a risky initiation against a Double-Damaged Hammerstorm and a Wildsoul fully equipped even with Savage Mace on his bear. That fight resulted in a loss of two sets of Barracks in the Middle and the Top lane and ultimately lead to the downfall and concede of compLexity Gaming. 

The second map started out more favorable for Trademark eSports this time with Mynuts on Ophelia picking up the First Blood against Riser_ on Bubbles. That also set up an early tower push on the top lane, which gave zai` on Wretched Hag a great start on his short lane with around 350 GPM. Still the Experience lead was almost constantely with compLexity Gaming, who could hold on to that advantage for a long time in the match.

Basically the match was a little bit slower paced, but several small and minor pick offs and kills of heroes finally initiated compLexity Gaming to push the Middle lane aggressively. The brewing team fight was initiated by Pharoah for Trademark, but won with crushing numbers for compLexity Gaming who went on to even apply pressure on the Melee Barracks in the middle. That push promted not one, but two Buybacks of noobG playing Monkey King, who could help turning the tide at least a little bit with that huge investment.

compLexity Gaming was essentially in the driver seat for the remainder or the game, but crushed a couple of times against the infamous defensive stance of Trademark eSports. A lot of games and series were decided by the amazing defense Trademark can put up - this was no difference. Twice coL tried to break through and twice the losses on the side of the Americans were severe. The dynamics changed, Trademark eSports gained the upper hand and was able to just overpower their opponents in the long run.

Trademark eSports will now be able to represent the European region in Bangkok, Thailand against the gathered elite of SEA, CIS and of course their inner region rival Stay Green. They will play for the pride and honor of an entire region and for a prize pool of $60,000 USD.

Confirmed participants for the Garena Star League 2013:

United States Stay Green
Europe Trademark eSports
Russia Cats Gaming
Malaysia Orange eSports
Credit to : GosuGamers