HoN named 'Best MOBA' at PAX East 2013

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Published on Monday, 15 April 2013 13:01

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The big convention in Boston, Massachusetts is over, but some afterthoughts are presented right now. Today RTS Guru released their awards for PAX East in several categories with Heroes of Newerth being named the best MOBA game


The first participation of Heroes of Newerth at a PAX convention was a huge step for the publisher and developer S2Games. For the first time the game was presented in one of the biggest annual events for the gaming market and received positive feedbacks. For the final match of HoN Tour the entire booth was packed with cheering for Stay Green and compLexity Gaming filling the exhibition hall. Now another major benefit from the participation comes apparent.

RTS Guru awarded Heroes of Newerth the 'Best MOBA' award of all games that were presented at the convention. That includes the big time rivals of S2 and Heroes of Newerth with Riot's flagship in League of Legends. The other competitor in Dota 2 was not present. Still the latest updates in the visual appeal and other major changes that were implemented gave RTS Guru enough to give the award to the smaller HoN as opposed to it's big rivals.


RTS Guru - Best MOBA
This was a tough one, but we decided to go with HoN in large part due to the recent HoN 3.0 changes, which overhauled the graphics and environments, as well as added elements that should help players that are new to the game to learn and hone skills. None of this compromises HoN’s position as a challenging game. It’s a MOBA that has a lot of layers to it, with a community that is truly making an impact on the game as well. The MOBA market is ever more crowded, so standing out is important. The new maps and towers feel more alive and the first community-created bot was recently added to the team.


The last time RTS Guru made awards similar to this have been at the end of 2012, that time the MOBA crown was captured by Dota 2 as 'The Rising Star of MOBA'. HoN has made tremendous strides lately with the implementation of a regular and active pro circuit in HoN Tour and in the improvement of their community and the game itself. The recent 3.0 patch did not only introduce new graphics and tools for new gamers to learn the game, but als unique Bots to lower the barrier of entry substantially.


Credit: Gosugamers

Source:  rtsguru.com