[MSHC2013] CHAMPION of Kuala Lumpur Qualifier 1

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Published on Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:24
Congratulations to the winners of the first MSHC qualifier whom will be proceeding to the next segment of the tournament, Champion team AMQ and first runner up team IVE; with accordance to this qualifier the 2nd runner up and 3rd runner have secured them a representative spot for Malaysia to play in the DreamHack SEA Qualifier which will be taking place on the 11th of May 2013.

1-AMQ - Low

1) ZergRush
2) SpikyMelon
3) imba'kzai
4) WuMingRen
5) wangwang_

2-IVE - Low
1st Runner Up:
IVE (Invasion E-sports)
1) Pixiebaby
2) Pixieduzt
3) `Gthai
4) ``Davichi
5) Flawless`

3-MPDG - Low
2nd Runner Up:
MPDG (Mouse Pad Gaming)

4-MATO - Low
3rd Runner Up:
MATO (Tomato Esports malaysia)

A pretty unfortunate turnabout for Team ORGE which were predominantly considered to chart the top board as the alpha Heroes of Newerth competitive team in Malaysia gave way towards a team govern by the leadership of Zergrush previously from Team HoN Portal and currently in Team AMQ which eventually took the driver seat of the very first MSHC Kuala Lumpur Qualifier scoring themselves the champion placement.

To watch the interesting matches of MSHC 2013 KL Qualifier:

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