iMpunity Qualifies for DreamHoN Summer 2013

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Published on Thursday, 16 May 2013 09:29

iMpunity Qualifies for DreamHoN Summer 2013




It's Super Sunday in the international HoN scene with the CIS and the SEA qualifier coming to an end. While the CIS region is starting their finals right now, the SEA region has already found their representative - iMpunity. 

Five countries out of the SEA region entered the final stage of the regional qualifier to the HoN World Championship in Jönköping, Sweden and iMpunity is walking out victorious. The squad from Singapore with two Malaysian players from Orange eSports had done it and punched their ticket to DreamHoN Summer 2013.

After the first day it looked like the Malaysian squad of Anti Moon Queen - featuring former Orange eSports players like wangwang_ and ImBA_kzaL in addition to the former HoNPortal.Malaysia duo of ZergRush and Spikymelon - would have the upper hand and be the favorite in the competition, but the second day saw iMpunity emerging and getting it done twice.

iMpunity would mount a comeback in the Upper Bracket finals against the Malaysian squad, rallying back from a 0-1 deficit, which gave them a 1-0 advantage to start the Grand Finals. This advantage brought out the best of iMp, but also seemed to scratch the morale of aMQ, who couldn't get anything going throughout the two games. 

In the first game iMpunity could win the laning phase quite convincingly, while also having better heroes for the late game. Wildsoul and Artillery basically had free farm on their lanes, which let them snowball heavily into the mid and late game. aMQ was just overmatched by the pure power that the heroes with good farm had to offer, prompting a 30 minute concede.

The following match brought the conclusion of the tournament with kiDDO` of iMpunity once again drafting a solid lineup with Moraxus, Monarch, Tempest, Wildsoul and Soul Reaper, which could sustain and counter the push power that aMQ was going for with Warbeast, Keeper of the Forest and Defiler. In a rather slow-paced match more tower than hero kills occurred early on, but the longer the match lasted, the better the position of iMpunity got. In the end the Singaporean team made a critical defensive stance in their middle lane, followed by own aggression against the top lane which ultimately decided the game, the tournament and gave iMpunity the ticket to Sweden.

In that DreamHoN Summer 2013 tournament Singapore will make their debut, while most likely being a darkhorse in the competition. With their old roster they were building up some momentum at the GSL event, now they can show their strength on Swedish turf.

iMpunity Roster

Singapore Rhonn
Singapore Signify
Singapore Air
Malaysia Shuiyu
Malaysia kiDDO`

DreamHoN Summer 2013

Europe ex-Trademark eSports
EuropeUnitedStates NA/EU Qualifier #1
EuropeUnitedStates NA/EU Qualifier #2
Sweden Swedish Pride Winner
Thailand MiTH.s2y
China DreamHack China Qualifier Winner
Singapore iMpunity
RussiaUkraine G1-Spring Winner

Source: GosuGamers