DHS 2013: Team Impunity The Sea Pride

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Published on Monday, 20 May 2013 12:44




Coming out strong from the SEA Dreamhack Qualifiers as SEA representatives, Team Impunity sits down with GM Mischyz to have a talk on what their expectations as a new team for Dreamhack Summer 2013 is and how they feel about Shuiyu & Kiddo joining up the powerhouse.


Hello! Thank you for taking the time and effort for this interview. Would you please kindly introduce yourselves and your team?

Rhonn: Hi Guys, my name is Rhonn and I’m the captain of team roccat.impunity. I play the carry and I've been playing hon since it was in international beta. On behalf of the team members that weren't able to make it for this interview, we have Signify playing the suicide for the team and Air who plays support.

Kiddo: I'm Gary Ong and I'm 18 years old. I am the mid laner for my team.

Shuiyu: I'm Shuiyu and I'm 20 years old. I play Jungle for my team.

Now that we all know who you guys are, let us start of by asking how do you feel about winning the SEA Dreamhack Qualifiers? It wasn't an easy fight but you guys did it.

Kiddo: It was a tough fight, especially against Anti Moon Queen on the final day. I mean we lost to them on Day 1, but we still had the feeling that we could take them out once crunch time came around. We never got down, we never thought we have no shot against them - even down 0-1 in the Upper Bracket Final. We always stuck together, remained calm and just focussed on the task at hand. We knew that we will beat them, when we bring our A-Game and pull together. That is exactly what we did.

Rhonn: We are ecstatic about winning the coveted Sweden dreamhack spot! The match in particular vs AMQ was definitely challenging and the round robin game proved that. However, it was a wake up call and we got our game and strategies together, executed them perfectly during the actual matches. Kudos to AMQ, they are such a new team yet so dominant already.

Shuiyu: It is definitely a great feeling to be able to be at DreamHack once again. Personally, it was a tad disappointing after we had an upset by aMQ, but ultimately we made it and I'm looking forward to see all the players in Sweden again! Now I am planning ahead for the even tougher challenge that is DreamHack Summer. aMQ is a good team and we had some problems with them on several ocassions, but once we arrive in Sweden we would be facing the greatest teams in the world.

What are your expectations of your team in terms of first performance at such a huge international LAN event (Dreamhack) and to compete with the top international teams while representing SEA? Do you think you can produce even better results than what ORGE previously did?

Kiddo: Hmm, we will try our best hope we can get into top 3.

Rhonn: Our target this DH, since its our maiden experience, would be top 4. We definitely think we are capable of achieving that, or perhaps even 3rd, and will be training hard for it. Given that the meta game has also shifted it's hard to not be a little bit anxious on what the other teams have been prepped up for.

Shuiyu: We will try our best hope we can get into top 3.

We all know that Shuyi and Kiddo have officially left Team ORGE to join you guys in Impunity.Would you say it's a great addition to the team? What else should we know bout them?

Rhonn: They are both committed and talented players able to train regularly during scheduled timings. It is great to have them in our team!

Shuiyu: It was a difficult decision to leave the team that I have grown to have family feelings for but it could say it was for better results.

Kiddo: Likewise, it wasn't the first time playing for IMP but this time it's official.

You will be meeting Ex-TDM and the Thai team S2Y again after The Garena Star League. How do you think you guys will fare against them with reference to the new patch?

Kiddo: My last encounter against them was quite a dissapointment. Hope shuiyu, me and the team can do better this time. Of cos we stand a fair chance against them. Anything can happen!

Rhonn: Looking forward to facing ex-TDM again for I believe we are way better prepared this time! We’ve been training together with Thailand representatives S2y to prepare for DH as well.

Shuiyu: I can't comment much on that as we're a new team. But we will do our very best!

Now that we're on the new patch (The Runic Shift), what are your favourite heroes that we can definitely see in DHS Sweden from Impunity?

Kiddo: Ha, honestly, I really don't want to talk about strategies, tactics or individual hero pickups before the big tournament. We are preparing really hard for the event, we practice a lot of different heroes and strategies now that the new patch is live, but it would be foolish to give away our favorites already. Other teams are reading these interviews for their preparation and we want to catch them off guard with what we bring to Sweden!

Rhonn: I love love how pretty pearl is, and will be trying to fit her in our games ^_^

Shuiyu: The Runic Shift patch has not really given me any new heroes or whatever. The core changes have been to hard carries and to the gold distribution after kills, so my beloved jungle heroes are still basically all viable - so my favourite heroes have not really changed all that much. You can definitely expect me on a certain hero, that is for sure. I played really well with him in the past, at DreamHack, at the qualifier, at the Malaysian National Championship. I will bring him to Sweden for sure.

Thank you for your time, any final shoutouts?

Kiddo: Shout out to PixieBaby my Apprentice aka BFF, and 2 of my friend that always support me Kate Ho and Jiru-Jiru.

Rhonn: Shoutout to Mischa #bestgmenoughsaid, our awesome manager check, my love triss, mika and alice, illuminary entertainment as well as our sponsors for investing in us and definitely to our fans as well. we’re glad we have not disappointed finally!

Shuiyu: Shout out to PixieBaby my Good Brother, GM Mischyz/Mischa , Soren Fantasy, Orange eSports and my new Team iMp.