[V3.1.1] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 14:02

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v3.1.1 on 22 May 2013, 0300 hrs - 1200 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*


New Avatar:
Chip Legionnaire
New Avatar:
Dale Berzerker
New Avatar:
Elly Nomad
New Avatar:
Lord Garuda
Chip Dale Elly Nomad Lord Garuda
New Avatar:
Inti Jeraziah

New Avatar:
Impaler Valky
New Avatar:
Matador Gladiator
Inti Jereziah Impaler Valkyrie Matador Gladiator

Version 3.1.1 

== General == 

  • In HoN 3.1 - The Runic Shift we changed a monumental number of Heroes and Items, some of which need continued adjustment. Our internal testing cannot possibly mirror the sheer number of games, skill differences, and hero combinations that the community can. We are listening when you bring up potential balance issues to us. In this patch we are giving minor changes to Predator, Elder Parasite, and the Experience granted from kills. We will continue to closely monitor the changes from HoN 3.1 - The Runic Shift.
  • Hero Kill Changes
    • Static Experience will remain similar to continue to incentivize ganking, but will take a slight hit to decrease snowballing. Increased gold for hero kills was not playing a larger role in snowballing, but is actually playing a larger role in comebacks with the new changes. Area Experience will take a significant hit in order to tone down the effectiveness of 5 man training, although this tactic will still be usable.
      • Experience granted per kill was lowered from 100 per level to 90 per level. This Experience is divided among all nearby players
      • Unsplit Experience granted per kill was lowered from 12 per level to 6 per level. This Experience is given to each nearby player
      • Before with 4 players killing a level 9 hero, each Hero gets: ((100*9)/4)+(12*9)= 333 Experience
      • After with 4 players killing a level 9 hero, each Hero gets: ((90*9)/4)+(6*9)= 256.5 Experience
  • Predator
    • Predator gained a significantly better mana pool due to no longer needing to cast Terror. Venomous Leap now increases in Mana Cost to make up for that very large mana pool gain. Terror's buff & debuff will also last slighly less duration to allow enemies a better chance to get away.
      • Venomous Leap: Manacost increased from 90 to 90/100/110/120
      • Terror: Debuff on enemies duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
      • Terror: Buff on yourself duration decreased from 4.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds
  • Elder Parasite
    • Elder parasites offensive side has been on the high end, so we've toned the Attack Speed back to that of the original Elder Parasite by removing 15 from the activation.
      • Attack Speed during activation decreased from 100 to 85

== New Content == 

  • Added new Legionnaire Alt Avatar: Chip Legionnaire
  • Added new Berserker Alt Avatar: Dale Berzerker
    • Chip & Dale face off during HoN's third anniversary party in the toughest battle in Newerth--the fight for the #1 male entertainer!
  • Added new Nomad Alt Avatar: Elly Nomad
    • Thanks to 1pxrussia of the Commonwealth of Independent States for this winning avatar!
  • Added new Prophet Alt Avatar: Lord Garuda
    • Thanks to jangjolay of the South East Asia region for this winning avatar!
  • Added new Jeraziah Alt Avatar: Inti Jeraziah
    • Thanks to IKuroganne of the Latin American region for this winning avatar!
  • Added new Valkyrie Alt Avatar: Impaler Valky
    • Thanks to Z3R0C00L911 of the North American/European region for this winning avatar!
  • Added new Gladiator Alt Avatar: Matador Gladiator
    • Thanks to Rurion of the European region for this winning wildcard avatar!
  • Added new Celebration Music!
  • Added Celebration Suit Kongor!
  • Added Celebration Suit Creeps!

== Bugs Fixes and optimizations  == 

Drunken Master
- Drink: No longer can lose its charge regeneration state when you level it up during drinking

- Elemental Force: Tooltip fixed so that the values for the points of Strength per 1 point of Armor Penetration are correct
- Fire/Ice: Now acquire the proper Movement Speed values if Gemini's item grant him over 522 total Movement Speed
- Fire/Ice: Rebirth skill no longer allows wolves to recombine if at least one of them is Stunned or Silenced

- Cleansing Wind: Now spawns correctly if Monarch is immobilized & she casts it in the opposite direction of her facing

Puppet Master/Parasite
- Fixed Parasite and Puppet transferring infinite duration states like Flint's Flare or Rampage's Stampede

- Marksman Shot: Tooltip now includes it ministuns the target

- Mesmerize: Detailed Tooltip now explicitly states it applies a 1-second Invulnerability state when the debuff is first inflicted on a target

Bound Eye
- No longer reveals Wards from your own team
- No longer reveals abilities such as Gladiator's Pitfall and Deadwood's Rotten Grasp

Flying Courier
- All Towers and minions now deal 3 damage if Melee and 2 damage if Ranged

Restoration Stone
- Taunt no longer adds to the Restoration Stone cooldown

- Fixed alt avatar models sometimes becoming invisible on reconnect or for spectators
- The random slot in the bot picker no longer overwrite the first bot in the list
- Fixed Concede vote requirements to the correct times
- Added missing chat string 'chat_success_clan_name_tip'
- Game Mentor Optimizations
- Game Vote Optimizations
- Fixed cooldown/passive texts appearing when you switch for an ability that has one to one that doesn't have any text (the old text would still be there)
- Hero Info Panel Optimizations

Game Options
- Added an option to control the delay for opening the Radial Menu
- Added a scrollbar
- Fixed comboboxes in search results not functioning properly
- Greatly Improved Search functionality
- Added the ability to search for keybinds
- Fixed search results displaying when they shouldn't (such as quickly clearing out the search box)
- Made the search results widgets wider
- Increased the maximum displayable results to 10