[MSHC2013] CHAMPION of Selangor Qualifier 1

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Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 15:53

MSHC blast off into it's second qualifier to uncover the potential of teams, Team bRix slipped away with the champion seat at the Selangor qualifier while Team ForB took the second placing also with a chance to compete at the second qualifying stage.

Champion TEAM bRix - Copy
Champion: bRiX (Sh*t Bricks)
1) AiZaiZuiBang
2) ilove6pacs
3) lllllhello
4) arthelon
5) Superma0zai`

1strunnerup Team ForB - Copy
1st Runner Up:
Forb (Forbidden)
1) Xanthar
2) `_4everAlone
3) `Leon
4) Kari`Basi
5) HawkOloh`
6) Quadriple

2ndrunnerup team KR2 - Copy
2nd Runner Up:
KR (KingsRoad)

3rdRunnerup TeamBnGM2 - Copy
3rd Runner Up:
BNGM (Bangla Neesh Gaming Malaysia)

On the short side, Team KR and BnGM scored off at the 3rd and 4th placing, they may not have obtained their progress passports onwards into the MSHC league stages but their definitely opponents to be scouted out against in the upcoming qualifiers. Team bRix played a flawless game taking a 2 – 0 score in a best of 3 finals against ForB, even though the kill scores wasn't too far apart but bRix executed their strategy conclusively which ultimately was the deciding factor of their victory.

For the game 1 finals, Team bRix successfully shut down ForB's Dark Lady in the early and mid game denying her of any fully constructed essential items thus ruining Team ForB of any chance to win at the later stages of the game; In the game 2, Team ForB's surprised pick on Deadwood with some hope to turn the next game into their favor unfortunately did not work out.

Congratulations again to Team bRix and ForB for making it through, good luck to all other teams competing in the future qualifiers. 

To watch the interesting matches of MSHC 2013 Selangor Qualifier:

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