Hunter's Guild vs. Riftspawn -- The Rift Wars Begin June 5!

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Published on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 12:24


The war between the Hunter's Guild and the Riftspawn rages on
-- only you can decide which side will triumph!

The Great Rift is expanding into Newerth; it has snatched warriors from our battlefields and pulled them into its dark chaos, where they are either infected by the Rift and become Riftspawn or exert their will upon the darkness and join the Hunter’s Guild, slayers of Riftspawn. Now they have returned to Newerth to battle, and the victor will be decided by you!

Every week beginning June 5 on the Store Specials page, purchase a Hunter's Guild Avatar or a Riftspawn Avatar. Your purchase will determine the winner of that week's battle.

Of course if you're a mercenary you can purchase both avatars, but don't expect pity or mercy if you're caught playing both sides.

Purchase all 5 alt avatars for your favorite side and receive a 6th Team Leader alt avatar for free. The Team Leader on the side with the most purchases will receive extra effects!

The war will last five weeks, and votes from all regions will count, so choose wisely.

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