[V3.1.2] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 13:25

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v3.1.2 on 5 June 2013, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*


New Avatar:
Stardust Aluna
New Avatar:
Hunter Rampage
New Avatar:
Rift Arachna
Stardust Aluna2 Hunter Rampage Rift Arachna


New Avatar:
Rift Predator
New Avatar:
Hunter Swiftblade
New Avatar:
Ruin Revenant
Rift Predator Hunter Swiftblade Ruin Revenant
New Name Color:
Stardust Green
stardust green

Version 3.1.2 

== General == 

+ In an effort to prove our company-wide dedication to transparency, we've established a new blog in the former MOTD panel. You will be able to read posts from Designers (both balance and hero), the Content team, our Community Manager, and even from the CEO himself.

+ We believe that giving back to the community is the best way to provide service to our players. As we continue to improve, we hope you will check back here for updates, insight, and in-depth reasoning behind the decisions we're making.

- Fountain will now dispel invulnerability and Void Talisman from enemy Couriers in range

== New Content == 

  • Added new Aluna Ultimate Avatar: Stardust Aluna
    • Aluna’s first avatar knows how to make an entrance! Stardust Aluna is an Ultimate Avatar with custom effects based on her items; give her a scouter eyepiece, enhanced boots, laser staff effects, a sheep or gem droid, enhanced gauntlets, and a jet pack!
  • Added new Rampage Alt Avatar: Hunter Rampage
  • Added new Arachna Alt Avatar: Rift Arachna
    • The Great Rift is expanding into Newerth! It has snatched warriors from our battlefields and pulled them into its dark chaos, where they are either infected by the Rift and become Riftspawn or exert their will upon the alien realm and join the Hunter’s Guild, slayers of Riftspawn. Now they have returned to Newerth to battle, and the victor will be decided by you!
    • Every week beginning June 5th in the Store Specials page, purchase a Hunter’s Guild avatar or a Riftspawn avatar to determine the winner of that week's battle. Purchase all 5 avatars for your favorite side and receive a 6th Team Leader alt avatar for free. Of course, if you're a mercenary, you can purchase both avatars but don't expect mercy if you're caught playing both sides. The Team Leader on the side with the most purchases will receive extra effects!
  • Added new Revenant Alt Avatar: Ruin Revenant
    • These once-holy spirits had been forsaken for centuries, entombed within the ruins of their temple, and now they will take revenge upon those who dare to carry a living soul upon Newerth.

== Bugs Fixes and optimizations  == 

- Staff of the Master boost now prioritizes other nearby enemy summoned units over other enemy units if the primary target is an enemy summoned unit

- Fixed his Lodestone Plates so they always have the correct number of charges when he revives

Monkey King
- Heavenly Vault: Fixed a bug with teleports (blinks in particular)

- Bunny Predator Stone Hide texture improvements

- Fixed a really strange bug with Blinding Dash where you would lose vision of hit neutrals

- Fixed Party Zephyr's cyclones so that they will follow Zephyr if he teleports for more than 2000 units at once

Speci UI- Optimizations and fixes

- Push Bars: Legion can now properly be highlighted when the bars are moving
- Bar Graphs instantly sort when opening
- Switching between bottom panels (especially ones of different size) is smoother
- Fixed/Tweaked the spacing on some elements, mainly in the players and stats tab
- Removed the Ignore Spectator Chat option
- Graph Tooltips with a value of 0% should no longer be incorrectly sized


- Fixed up how the time entry textboxes behave in the replay controls
- Shuffled the replay control window type buttons in the options section to match the other windows
- Fixed a couple things using hardcoded english strings to use string table entries

- Game Lobby: You can now double click the add bot button to add a random bot
- Matchmaking: Hovering the host in a TMM group now gives a host tooltip, instead of saying the player isn't ready
- Matchmaking: Added name scaling for longer names to all TMM slots, not just your own (top) slot
- Instant Messages: Increased the height of the autocomplete list for names, removing the empty space at the bottom of the list
- In-game Chat: When /fc is enabled you will only see IMs from friends and clan members
- Match Stats: Reward popups should no longer appear if the server sends all 0s for the reward info
- Options: When you click the search button in options, the search box is now focused as well as switching to the search category
- Radial Menu: The radial menu should work correctly with all languages
- Instant Messages: The system bar button is now updated on logout, thus relogging with unread IMs no longer results in the button showing unread IMs until you recieve an IM
- Fountain will now dispel invulnerability and Void Talisman from enemy Couriers in range
- Re-added the MY voice over for the radial menu
- Fixed occasionally incorrect cursor showing up for vector entity targeting
- Fixed crash when playing a normal game after playing the tutorial
- Fixed model panels rendering Andromeda's shader effect incorrectly