The Rift Wars: Week #2!

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Published on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 10:55

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Week 2: Hunter Swiftblade or Rift Predator?
Every Wednesday brings a new epic battle between the two warring guilds!
This time round we have a match up between Hunter Swiftblade and Rift Predator! With popularity, comes great power!
Every click counts. Place your bets wisely!
*If you own all 5 avatars on the winning side,  you will receive a 6th avatar with special effects.
Last Week's Results: Hunter Rampage Wins!
A true mercenary never fails his master. If you had put your money on Hunter Rampage, you've made the right choice!


The Haunting Begins: 14th June 2013
The miners outside the City of Iron were forced to dig ever deeper in their search for ore, and when the dust cleared from the Engineer's explosion they found among the rubble a church steeple. Examination by the martyrs proved it dated back to the Lost Civilization, when man had ruled the earth and subjugated all he could find, including the gods.
The martyrs prayed night and day while the miners carefully cleared the dirt and debris from around ancient stone church. They prayed for a sign from Sol, a gift that would aid in the war against the Hellbourne.
When they finally pried the petrified wooden doors open, the martyrs immediately realized their prayers had not been answered. Desiccated corpses were piled to the high peaked ceiling, their mummified robes marking them as men of the cloth, priests who had stood firm as man fell from the light. Someone--or something--had punished them for their devotion.
The martyrs watched in sorrow as the bodies collapsed to dust in the soft breeze. Their sorrow quickly turned to horror as the dust began to swirl, build, and burn with lifeless fire. The holy souls had been forsaken for centuries, entombed within the ruins of their temple, and now they would exact justice upon those who dared to carry a living soul upon Newerth.