Dreamhack Summer 2013: Schedule & Updates

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Published on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 13:01




Prize Pool
1. $18,000 USD
2. $8,000 USD
3. $4,000 USD
Group Stage: June, 15th-16th - Bo1
The 8 teams will all collide in one giant group - every team will get a piece of all the other competitors right off the bat. All matches will be Best of One, throughout the Group Stage. 
The Top 4 directly advance into the Upper Bracket, the Bottom 4 has to claw it's way through the Lower Bracket.

Championship Bracket: June, 16th-17th - Bo3
Super Double Elimination, Best of Three all the way. The best teams on the planet face elimination scenarios, they face the strongest adversaries and in the end only one team will reign supreme and leave the Elmia as the new DreamHack Champion.

1 team - as the reigning Champion
2 teams - representing the NA/EU region
1 team - representing Sweden
1 team - representing the CIS region
1 team - representing the SEA region
1 team - representing Thailand
1 team - representing China
How to watch

Tune in to www.twitch.tv/garenahonsea during the given timings and enjoy the cast!

Official Schedule


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