Daddy Big Spender!

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Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 18:30

Spend & Be Rewarded

(28 June - 1st July 2013)

Now you've got your huge moutain of coins from the 50% Bonus Gold Coin & Triple Matching Making Coins event, it's time to spend big and spend it good! We have these rewards for you:


Spend 3000 Silver Coins and above, get 2nd year silver symbol for free!



Spend 1222 Gold Coins and above, get 2nd year gold symbol for free!

HON -Gold

*Rewards to be given out by 7 July 2013 

* From 28 June 2013 0000 hours (GMT+8) - 1st July 2013 0200 hours (GMT+8)