Journey to Sang-La Avatars

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Published on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 15:05

This week we have the Journey to Sang-La themed avatars! Zhu Bajie was originally a commander in charge of the hundred-thousand strong heavenly military fleet. Due to certain negligences, the prominent leader was removed from his post. After the tactless character also had the audacity to make a pass at the goddess of the moon, Chang'e, the Jade Emperor was left with no other choice than to banish him to the realm of the mortals on earth. He now joins his Master Tangseng on the Journey to Sang-La.

Shaolin was the favourite disciple of Grand master in the Shaolin Monastery, hidden away amongst the tranquillity of cherry blossoms in the Sang-La mountains where is it rumoured that one will be able to attain immortality through constant meditation and by following the righteous path. After taken an oath to protect the Monastery where his master was taken and killed by daemons, Shaolin has now undertaken the role to rid evil off in the world. 
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