From the Rift Down Under: The Queen's Devourer

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Published on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:29
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The victorious Riftspawn are wasting no time with their invasion of Newerth.
Queen Riftwalker has summoned the Rift Devourer to wreak havoc and consume all hope on the planet!
Limited Edition Rift Devourer is now available in the HoN Store from 24-30 July only!
This is a unique avatar and you will gain special skill effects as you level up!
-by LightningCold
 The Lore continues... (Excerpt)
“You speak of the Devourer daemon?”

A guttural roar echoed from the portal as a grotesque two-legged monstrosity lumbered through. The Rift had sunk its infection deep into whatever daemon this had once been. A single, giant eye was attached where the head used to be. Pulsing tubes carried glowing fluid to various body parts, including a fleshy orifice on its right arm that contained thick green tendrils. The other hand held a saw-toothed sword with spinning blades. It waddled toward its queen, and I believe I could hear its stomach rumbling.
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