[MSHC2013] The Call of Rally

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Published on Thursday, 01 August 2013 18:38

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MSHC2013 - The Call of Rally

Congratulation to the winners of the first ever MSHC 2013 (Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship) qualifiers. The competition, that took place early in the year in four states; Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak and Johor to select the best two teams to compete in an inter-country HoN league between Singapore and Malaysia hosted by Garena. RM100,000 cash prizes awaits the victor of this competition which takes place in the heart of the city, Kuala Lumpur.

Among the team competing for the cash prizes are: Representing Kuala Lumpur aMQ (Team Anti Moon Queen) and IVE (Invasion E-sports). Selangor, ForB (Forbidden) and bRix (sh*t bricks). Perak, NK (No Kamlin) and GuC (Guilty Crown) .Last but not least from Johor, OsOw (Our way Our Style) and SBNW (SABOON WARRIOR)

With a player who is well exposed to the competitive scene such as Zergieee from team aMQ (previously PORT) that went on head to head with renowned team such as ORANGE E-Sports can the other team stand a chance against them? Will Zergieee utilized his experienced and lead his team to glory or will the crown be others for the taking? Don’t miss out this opportunity and root for your favourite team this Sunday, August 4th Who will be crowned the champion? Stay tuned to find out…

Live Cast

WATCH LIVE CAST @ http://www.twitch.tv/garenahonsea

Date: 4th August 2013
Time: 11.00am start
Venue: Online Tournament

Game Format: Single Elimination, Finals - Best of 3
Game Mode:
 Lock Pick 
Map: Forests of Caldavar
Team Size: 5 Vs 5
Game Options: Tournament Rules

Tournament Bracket : http://challonge.com/thecallofrally



Team vs Team Channel Time to join channel  Winner as  Game Starts 

AMQ vs SBNW MSHC 1 11:00 W1 11:15
bRix vs NK MSHC 2 11:00 W2 11:15
 IVE vs OSOw MSHC 3 11:00 W3 11:15
ForB vs GuC MSHC 4 11:00 W4 11:15
AMQ vs bRix MSHC 1 12:00   12 :15
OSOW vs GuC MSHC 2 12:00 12 :15
Bronze match
  OSOW vs  ??  MSHC 2 14:00 14:15
Final (BO3)
 GuC vs  ?? MSHC 1 14 :00 14:15
MSHC 1 15 :00 15:15
MSHC 1 16 :00 16:15



No. of Team(s): 8 teams " every Top 2 teams from qualifiers - April - July 2013 "


Champion **RM3,000
1st Runner-Up **RM1,000
2nd Runner-Up **RM600

3rd Runner-Up 

4th Runner-Up **RM100
5th Runner-Up **RM100
6th Runner-Up **RM100
7th Runner-Up **RM100