Gold Edition: Ghatotkacha The Fusion of Time & Power

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Published on Saturday, 17 August 2013 15:58
Foreseen to the a bringer of calamity to Newerth by the Gods, it was told to Ophelia by the Gods that the birth of the bloodline fused with Legion and Hellbourne would be the very downfall of the Kingdom. That night when this bundle of flesh was thrown abandoned at the castle door, she had seen that it was this child that the Gods had warned her about and immediately asked for his death from the King. King Jeraziah however, took an immediate interest in those eyes and decided to take the child under his wing despite the protests from his advisers, saving him from his untimely fate.

Ghatotkacha grew up to become a fine brave warrior of the Legion and under his lead, they have remained undefeated in battlefield. The Legion has never shown more glory than they have now. Nevertheless, the biggest war was about to rage in Newerth. Maliken had taken the Throne of the Hellbourne and was not going to stop till he has the Legion.

At last, his army fell to the Daemon horde and Ghatotkacha was forced to seek refuge in a cave at the foot of Mountain Candradimuka with his remaining men. As they were about to rest, the cave wall crumbled to the side, revealing an altar seated with the boney remains of what seemed like a fallen ruler cloaked in gold and jewels. With much caution, he approached the remains on the altar but curiosity got the best of him.

His eyes fell upon the helm of a finely crafted weapon, edge between the gap where the heart of it's previous should be. The ancient writings scripted onto both sides of the blade glowed a ghoulish green as an unexplainable force took his body and yielded him to pick up the taunting blade. As his fingers tightened around the helm, blood-lust filled his eyes. The sword wanted blood and it will take blood. The very blood of his comrades soaked the grounds of the alter crimson as he took their heads off, watching the life in their eyes drain out. The forest guardian that Ophelia had sent to follow them had saw what happened and took flee towards her.

“It has begun” said Ophelia as she set her Antelope down, thanking him for letting her use his eyes to see. Ghatotkacha had found what Maliken was looking for, the ruling blade of the Hellbourne that the last King had tried to seal away for eternity costing his life. Crafted with unspeakable dark magic, the darkness in it seeded to consume the mind very much the same way it was made to consume the Legion.

Ghatotkacha had fallen. Maliken had gained another soul to stand by his side. The Hellbourne’s horde could only grow stronger.
Ghatotkacha's unmatched powers have led him to victory in countless battles, and his dark magic would be a welcome addition to the Hellbourne ranks. Lucky for Newerth he chooses to use his mystical abilities and giant golden mace to help the Legion!
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