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Published on Saturday, 31 August 2013 07:00
We've reached 200,000 likes on Facebook and we'd like to say a huge thank you for the support that you guys have been giving us!
Here's the HoN-A-Marathon especially for you! 
  • Play 20 FoC: Rough Riders Bundle (play 20 games to get 10 heroes: Ophelia, Succubus, Scout, Soulstealer, Deadwood, Behemoth, Devourer, The Dark Lady, Zephyr, Aluna)
  • Play 30 FoC: Never Walk Alone Bundle (Play 30 FoC games (10 games on top of the above) to get 10 avatars: Throwback Ophelia, Throwback Succubus, Throwback Scout, Throwback Soulstealer, Throwback Deadwood, Minotaur Behemoth, Oni Devourer, Dark Zealot, Twista, Conquistador Aluna)
It's a chance to be getting 10 heroes and 10 of their avatars FREE!
Don't miss out and HoN On!
From 31 Aug - 9 Sept Only!
*Bots game do not count.