Premium GM Events

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Published on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 14:00

GMEVENT will be held in GMEVENTPremium channel. (/j GMEVENTPremium). *In the event when the channel is full, players who have participated will be kicked/banned from the channel until the event ends. This is to allow for more players to join.
GM Events will be held on odd Mondays (1st and 3rd week of the month), 8pm – 10pm (GMT +8).

GMEVENT Channel Rules: No Glow Texts, No Colored Texts, No CAPS, No Spamming, No Profanities, No Emotes. Strictly ENGLISH only.
*Players who hinders the progress of a GM Event may also be banned from the channel.

A maximum of 2 games will be held per event day.
ONLY 1 Winner will be awarded with an Alternate Avatar of the month, or any other items equivalent.
Consolation prize: 50 gold coins per player.

Only players with Gold/Diamond/Royal Tanzanite name colors will be allowed.

Each player are only allowed to join 1 GM Event Premium per month.
Each player are only allowed to join 1 GM Event per event day, either GM Event Premium or Normal.

Attempt to cheat by joining subsequent GM Events, thus hindering the progress of an event will result in a forfeit of your rewards (if any), and you will be barred from the next GM Event.

Type of GM EVENTS:

Objective based.

Maximum of only 8 participants per game,
such as: 3v3 pubs, 4v4 pubs, or 5pubs vs 1 GM/Gmod.
Details of event will be decided and announced during the event.

- Entry into a Premium event is through one of the following 3 methods:

  • Random Invite - Participants in the channel are invited at random to join an event.
  • First-Come-First-Serve -Event is unprivated after an announced period of time, and first to enter and remain without leaving or disconnecting from the room will get to participate.
  • Quiz/Trivia Answering - First to answer a question correctly gets the slot.

GMEVENT Channels Rules:

- ONLY English Language
- NO Spamming
- NO Colored Texts
- NO Glow Texts
- NO Emotes (/emote)
- NO Racism remarks or discrimination against other players. (Please be civil in the channel at ALL times)
- NO Profanities/Vulgarities (Such as offensive, sexual or racism remarks, be it in English or any other languages)

++ The Moderators (identified by clan tag [Gmod]), Trainee Moderators (identified by clan tag [ModT]) will be supervising all chats in these channels.
If you do not abide to any of the above rules, you will be silenced/kicked or banned from the channel.

You WILL NOT be able to join GM Events after getting banned. Therefore, please abide to the channel rules at all times.

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