Doctor Repulsor's Mayhem!

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Published on Monday, 02 September 2013 15:57
Doctor Repulsor has been up to some mischief this weekend wrecking up his evil plans causing a whole lot of havoc in the server rooms! Fortunately, we have caught him just in time before he got away!
While emptying all the stolen items we have also found all these plans hidden away in his stash:
  • 33% bonus GC to be extended till 0200hrs 4 Sep (+8GMT)
  • Current reopened LE/EA avatars will remain open till 0200hrs 4 Sep (+8GMT)
  • Hope (WS avatar) will be released until 0200hrs 7 Sep (+8GMT)
  • From 0000hrs 6 Sept - 0200hrs 9 Sept, there will be a 2x MM event + All Heroes Free weekend! (+8GMT)
  • The HoN-A-Marathon event will be extended for 2 more days and will end 0200hrs 11 Sep (+8GMT)
Also, the server room marshal has ruled that Doctor Repulsor will be released "on a run". On top of that, he also said, "Let the Finders be Keepers". All players who have been affected by his naughty experiment* over the weekend will get Doctor Repulsor hero for free! If you can catch him that is.