Patch 3.2.3- Elder Evil Series

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Published on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 14:38
Hell is empty and all the devils are here! The ancient evils has path it's way back to the Origins of which the deepest and darkest secrets of laid untouched in the Hellbourne's lair until now.
Ravenor Ultimate Alt Avatar: El Diablo
* If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself! Furious at his Hellbourne minions for keeping the souls of the slaughtered Legion to themselves, the daemon king El Diablo surfaces in a tempest of fire and fury to punish the disobedient and collect the souls which are rightfully his.
Dampeer Alt Avatar: Camazotz
* Reveling in the pools of blood that litter Caldavar's forests, Camazotz glides through the brush with a mouth full of fangs and a colony of hungry bats adorning his wings. Decorated with ancient Mayan markings, this god of death and ritual sacrifice yearns to glean the lifeforce from naive warriors by force, replacing their smile with his own.
Soulstealer Alt Avatar: Hades
* Hades drifts through the battle-ravaged landscape, propelled by the hands of spirits longing to return to Newerth, and angered by his brothers accepting defeated warriors into their realms after death. Those who he passes over are sent directly to the Underworld, their screams muffled beneath the crust of the living.
Voodoo Jester Avatar: Hel
* There are some who consider the various realms of the underworld a punishment, but not Hel. She presides over her beloved deceased souls from her vast mansions, worshipped by countless servants and proud to be the mistress of the dead and diseased. She is also relieved her hideous appearance—half beautiful woman and half decaying crone—draws no attention in the realm of the dead. But that relief is soon to end, for her father Loki has summoned her to Newerth to bring about the end of days. At least she will have many more souls to welcome when she returns home.
 Dark Lady Alt Avatar: Set
* Summoned by the same corrupted disciples of Sol that brought Amun-Ra to Newerth, the goddess of darkness, Set, seeks to rain chaos and disorder upon those foolish enough to disturb the sandy throne of the sun god, tearing through Legion ranks unseen and untouched.
Ellonia Alt Avatar: Ymir
* In the heart of the Ice Caves north of Hell's Keep, the frost giant Ymir stirs, roused from centuries of slumber by the opening of the Great Rift. As he ventures onto the battlefield, this titan of the frozen north intends to leave more in his wake than a trail of frigid footsteps.