Patch 3.2.4 - Revenge of the Neutrals Series!

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Published on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 14:37
The wrath of Mother Nature has caused the spirits of the calling in the Wild to have gone astray! Seeing that the Forest of Caldavar have been trampled on and the peace have been disturbed, the Guardians have risen again once to reclaim what is rightfully theirs!
Circe the Deciever
* Circe is a support hero who specializes in deceiving the enemy through the use of illusions and clone mechanics. Her ultimate allows her to copy an enemies items and abilities:
* Entrapment - Target a location to throw an orb in that direction. The first enemy hero hit by the orb is dealt 60,120,180,240 Magic Damage and Immobilized for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 Seconds. Once Entrapment ends, it will jump to another nearby enemy dealing the same damage and immobilize.
* Doppelganger - Target a hero to create an illusion of them under your control for 15/20/25/30 seconds. The Illusion receives 350% damage and deals 33% damage. If cast upon an enemy, applies a 20% Movement Speed Slow to them for 2 seconds.
* Deceive - Activate to immediately stealth and leave an illusion behind for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
* Twisted Visage - Target an enemy hero to channel for 2 seconds. After channeling completes, you become a copy of the enemy hero including items and abilities for 15 seconds. While in this form, you deal 70/85/100% damage.
* This Hero will be released with 2 avatars. One is a Premium Alt Avatar and the other is a Debut Edition. Debut Edition Alt Avatars are sold for a limited period of time after the release of a hero. They are not exclusively limited to that period of time and may reappear within the store at a later time.

Added new Circe the Deceiver Premium Edition Alt Avatar: Poison Circe 
The Deceiver takes many forms, and her appearance known as Poison Circe is rumored to have been born in the Garden of Eden, a land she considered her own before those two interlopers arrived. Since then her toxic charade has been the downfall of many utopias. 

 Added new Circe the Deceiver Debut Alt Avatar: Iron Maiden 
When the ship's wreckage washed ashore on Circe's island prison in the 8th century, the one item that held her fascination seemed to be a sort of man-sized jail cell lined with iron spikes. She mimicked its form and function and eagerly awaited the opportunity to enjoy it with a human. The next sailors who set foot on her sands did not savor it nearly as much as she did. 
 Added new Ophelia Ultimate Alt Avatar: Sylvia
Daughter of Circe the Deceiver, mother of Ophelia, and bane of Maliken Grimm, the mystical shapeshifter Sylvia has emerged from the darkest forests of Caldavar to stand with her Beasts and her cherished bloodline against the Hellbourne. 
 * Upgrade her model throughout the game with the following items: 
* Weapon Horns: Codex / Stormspirit / Sol's Bulwark / Daemonic Breastplate 
* Head Horns: Puzzlebox / Tablet of Command / Abyssal Skull 
* Wings: Staff of the Master / Kuldra's Sheepstick / Barrier Idol / Shaman's Headdress 
* Stripes: Power Supply / Energizer 
* Legs: Boots / Upgraded Boots 
* Arms/Tail: Astrolabe / Ring of Sorcery / Nome's Wisdom / Sacrificial Stone 
* You can also modify her effects by owning the following avatars: 
* Snot Keeper (Gravekeeper) 
* Earthroc Pebbles 
* Ogre Blacksmith 
* Owning these three avatars will give Sylvia these effects: 
* Glowing tips on her horns (after she gets her horns) 
* Blood dripping from her claws (after she gets her claws) 
* A chiprel who follows her around 
Added new Gravekeeper Alt Avatar: Snot Keeper 
This crotchety old hermit has spent years away from society, choosing to pass the days with his tame pet Snotters instead. But now that the Legion and Hellbourne have refused to stay off his lawn, he's out for payback! 
Added new Pebbles Alt Avatar: Earthroc Pebbles 
The south of Caldavar is littered with the remains of monasteries and forgotten architecture long lost to the sands of time. From the remains of an ancient Temple of Sol, hidden in the dense forests on the way to Sang-La, emerges Earthroc Pebbles: a titan of the jungle -- brought to life by Sylvia -- who has survived the erosion of millennia. 
Added new Blacksmith Alt Avatar: Ogre Blacksmith
Brilliant, but lacking common sense; lazy, but compelled to forge; the Ogre Blacksmith is a walking contradiction, and he likes being that way! If he didn’t also hate being that way, of course. Infusing elemental magic into his hammers, this tiny monster brings the pain to his enemies with a frozen blast. Or a fiery barrage. Or with a little luck, total annihilation… Not that he believes in luck, or anything.