Circe the Deceiver - The Dread Goddess

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Published on Thursday, 26 September 2013 13:33
Circe watched the horizons grow bright with an unnatural glow. Storms of ash swept over her island and massive structures made of stone and shattered glass floated on the tides. Charred corpses washed ashore by the hundreds. As Circe had foreseen in the explorer’s mind, the waters surrounding her island fell away, evaporated by the unholy flames that spread beneath boiling black clouds. After thousands of years a prisoner, Circe walked off her island toward what remained of mankind, for her island was now the entire world...

 Circe the Deceiver
* Entrapment - Target a location to throw an orb in that direction. The first enemy hero hit by the orb is dealt 60,120,180,240 Magic Damage and Immobilized for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 Seconds. Once Entrapment ends, it will jump to another nearby enemy dealing the same damage and immobilize.
* Doppelganger - Target a hero to create an illusion of them under your control for 15/20/25/30 seconds. The Illusion receives 350% damage and deals 33% damage. If cast upon an enemy, applies a 20% Movement Speed Slow to them for 2 seconds.
* Deceive - Activate to immediately stealth and leave an illusion behind for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
* Twisted Visage - Target an enemy hero to channel for 2 seconds. After channeling completes, you become a copy of the enemy hero including items and abilities for 15 seconds. While in this form, you deal 70/85/100% damage.
 Poison Circe
The Deceiver takes many forms, and her appearance known as Poison Circe is rumored to have been born in the Garden of Eden, a land she considered her own before those two interlopers arrived. Since then her toxic charade has been the downfall of many utopias. 
Iron Maiden
When the ship's wreckage washed ashore on Circe's island prison in the 8th century, the one item that held her fascination seemed to be a sort of man-sized jail cell lined with iron spikes. She mimicked its form and function and eagerly awaited the opportunity to enjoy it with a human. The next sailors who set foot on her sands did not savor it nearly as much as she did.
No Man's Mercy
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