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Published on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 14:08

Dear Heroes,


It has been a rollercoaster ride for the past 1 month, going through the ups and downs in Garena Heroes of Newerth - we would like to sincerely thank you for your patience you had with us while we worked hard to stabilize the servers.


More often than not, it's not that we didn't hear you - more of like the entire team is working hard to get all the issues resolved before things get out of hand. 


We would like to formally address some issues - 

1. Compensation plan over the 'Grab Bag' event - All affected users have been credited with the 500SC and Shark Hunter Poisedon alternate avatar.

2. MM Rewards - We understand that there were some players who didn't get the deserved items, the scripts have been re-run, and all players who have met the criteria should have gotten the items.

3. Plinko issues (Gold Coins Missing) - Accounts whom have had their GC reduced greatly for no apparent reasons, the UI glitch should have been fixed by now. 

4. Plinko Tickets Compensation Issues - Those who've had negative tickets' balance issue upon the 500 tickets compensation, please check your account again. It should be fixed.


We would like to thank you for your support during our lull period, now we're back kicking again!


To show our appreciation, also to mark Garena Heroes Of Newerth's 3rd birthday, we would like to reward each and everyone of you a token of appreciation.


For those who have logged into the game at least once between 27 June 2014, 0000 hours (GMT+8) to 4 August 2014, 0200 hours (GMT+8) will receive a 3rd Anniversary Symbol. 


3rd Aniversary128x128-Recovered


For those who have been collecting these anniversary symbols (1st and 2nd Anniversary), you have no reason to miss this 3rd one!

(Symbol will be credited within 14 working days from the end of event date)