GM Event: March I

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Published on Friday, 13 March 2015 15:36


Dear Heroes,

GM Event is back! Be sure to login from 13th -15th March and play againts the MODs & GM. Winning team will be awarded 100 SC. Think you can beat them? 

Date: 13th - 15th March

Time: 8.00P.M - 10.00 PM GMT+8

Channel: Clan HoN Forums Moderation Team

Rewards: 100 Silver Coins (Rewards will be given right after the event)

* Players are only allowed to join once in a day.

GMEVENT Channels Rules:

- ONLY English Language
- NO Spamming
- NO Colored Texts
- NO Glow Texts
- NO Emotes (/emote)
- NO Racism remarks or discrimination against other players. (Please be civil in the channel at ALL times)
- NO Profanities/Vulgarities (Such as offensive, sexual or racism remarks, be it in English or any other languages)

++ The Moderators (identified by clan tag [Gmod]), Trainee Moderators (identified by clan tag [ModT]) will be supervising all chats in these channels.
If you do not abide to any of the above rules, you will be silenced/kicked or banned from the channel.

You WILL NOT be able to join GM Events after getting banned. Therefore, please abide to the channel rules at all times.

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