[EVENT] Updates iMp vs DskB - 9th April

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Published on Monday, 09 April 2012 14:48

WEEK #1: Updates



What you guys have witnessed was just the beginning of a whole new epic level of game play! Last week as a kick-start of The Grand Poobah, we featured the comeback of the crowd favourite - DskB from the Philippines, battling it out hard with another regional Titan – iMp from Singapore! We saw these two clash it out heads on at Star League in Thailand and who is to say that it isn’t too soon that they meet again? What came short from that intensive match was the unfortunate disconnect from [DskB]ismification that saw the downfall of Game #1. Game #2 was slightly affected by the dampened spirits in the team which didn’t lead to a good start. Nevertheless, we would like to announce that the current title of King in the Grand Poobah now would be iMpunity [iMp]! Having secured that seat, be sure to tune in this Friday, 13th April to watch them take on a new challenger for that Champion title as HighLights [haiL] from Vietnam will be in the arena!

Will [iMp] fall short to [haiL]? Or will they still remain top as the Undefeated?

Find out this week as Team Trollcasting and Garena will be bringing you the LIVE cast of this battle HERE at 8pm (+GMT)!

Next Challenge: Team iMpunity (iMp) - Singapore vs  Team Highlight (haiL) – Vietnam

To watch the VOD of (iMp) vs (DskB): http://www.twitch.tv/garenahonsea/b/314101886


Participating Teams:

1.Team iMpunity (iMp)·- Singapore

2.Team Orange Esports Gaming Malaysia (ORGE)·- Malaysia

3.Team Frenetic Array (Fray)·- Australia

4.Team Highlight (haiL)·- Vietnam

5.Team Open House Party (OHP)·- Thailand

6.Team BabyBuildHouse(IBBH)·- Thailand

7.Team Beware of Me (BwoM)·- Indonesia

8.Team DuskBin (DskB)·- Philippines


Waiting List:

1. Team Highlight (VN) - April 13th 2012

2. Team Frenetic Array (AUS) - April 20th 2012

3. Team Beware of Me (INDO) - April 27th 2012

4. Team Orange Esports Gaming (MY)

5. Team Baby Build House (TH)

6. Team Open House Party (TH)

7. Team DuskBin (PH)



Week 1 (6th April 2012): Team Duskbin (PH) vs Team iMpunity (SG) – Victor: Team iMpunity (SG)