Wingbow Gaming - Champions of MSHC 2015

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Published on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 18:12



Last weekend we witnessed an eventful day where we crowned a new Champion for the Malaysia & Singapore HON Championships 2015.

With the defending champions, You Meet Wrong Opponents (yMwo) coming into this tournament looking to dominate the scene once again, we see them having to go through a rough bracket where they eventually lost the title to newcomer - Wingbow Gaming (wiBs). The underdog team who was formerly known as XtmC came in strong this year with a newly-formed team which, roster, which includes one of Indonesia's well known player - Maylouse to do the damage for the team.

Although wiBs came in as one of the stronger teams besides yMwo, sat comfortably at the Winner Brackets final stage sent yMwo down to the Losers Bracket after meeting them in the semi-finals. yMwo had to go up againsts UOG to bring them to the Grand Finals matchup against wiBs.

Coming from a game down disadvantage, yMwo managed to take out wiBs in their first game of the Grand Finals (best of 3) after one of wiBs player, MyGoDzJr` disconnected from the game on the 25th minute forcing wiBs to go up against yMwo in a 4v5 matchup. Little by little, wiBs lost their lead and decided to concede by the 40th minute.

Game 2 was the deciding match. It was do or die for both teams at this moment. We see wiBs going aggressive in the early stages of the game and this put yMwo a step back to re-think their strategy. After numerous clashes between both team, wiBs took victory when yMwo conceded to them in the 21st minute of Game 2. It was a dominating matchup coming from wiBs, who lost Game 1 and got their morality shattered. Securing an almost perfect game score of 15-1, they now are the Kings of Singapore & Malaysia.

After the game, we managed to have a talk with the Captain from Wingbow Gaming, hahazim.

1. What was your team's mindset and strategy coming into the Finals?
After we won the MSHC KL qualifier, we realized that there is no room for slowing down. We decided to commit 100% of our free time towards enhancing both our individual skill and as a team. There is no actual strategy going into the finals other then trying to win with pure teamwork and brushed up skills.

2. This was quite a tough/an easy match for your team. How come?
I would say the difficulty level of the matches was moderate. First of all, 3 of the teams consist of my former teammates. Therefore, they are familiar with my play style and drafts. Secondly, all of the players on the opposition team are highly skill in the game as well, so it is no surprise that the matches posed quite a challenge.

3. In the first game of the Finals, one of your teammates (MyGoDzJr`) was unable to reconnect, making it a 4v5 game to your disadvantage. How did you guys managed to recover and not let this affect you in the second game?
When we realized that one of our most farm up and high level hero was unable to reconnect, we were demoralize for awhile. But we know we can't let it affect us, so we try to continue the game 4v5. When it seem like the game had lost, we quickly conceded the game so we can head onto the next game while our spirit is still intact. We huddle up outside the LAN cafe to devise our next move and recompose ourselves prior to the next match.

4. You were one of the favorites going in this tournament, how did that make you feel coming into the Finals matchup.
It felt pretty good knowing that we have quite a number of fans and friends watching us play and rooting for us. It gave us a huge boost towards our confidence.

5. What do you think was the main factor your team managed to come out ahead against yMwo?
It all comes down to the drafting and laning, we realise that they like to send aggresive heroes to our safelane so we made the necessary rotation of our heroes to counter them in the early stages of the game.

6. As MSHC champions now, what will your team be looking forward to next?
For the time being, we earn our rest after the vigorous and constant training. We will resume our training once we had sufficient rest. I can only imagine that we will be training harder for the upcoming World Championships next year.

7. Any last things you would like to say to your friends / fans?
I'd like to say thank you to all my friends, fans and family for supporting me throughout this awesome journey. Hopefully we can continue making you proud!


 Download the Grand Final match replays here :
Game 1 - Here
Game 2 - Here
Watch the full VOD of MSHC 2015:
Casters: Xenoviper & Syndicate 


Final Standings of MSHC 2015
Champions - Wingbow Gaming (wiBs) - RM8,000
1st Runner Up - You Meet Wrong Opponents (yMwo) - RM4,000
2nd Runner Up - The Underdogs (U0G) - RM2,000
3rd Runner Up - Skeleton King (xSK) - RM1,000
4th Runner Up - Demonz vs Angelz (DvSA) - 5000 Gold Coins
5th Runner Up - der Blutbringer (dbrG) - 5000 Gold Coins
6th Runner Up - We are Family (iWaf) - 3000 Gold Coins
7th Runner Up - Y too Yes Sir (yy2s) - 3000 Gold Coins
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