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Published on Thursday, 04 February 2016 11:17


Dear Heroes!

We're back for more excited events and promotions for all ye'heroes. Welcoming the year of the Monkey (King ), and Valentines Day, we are having a Angpao event as well as a Sale event so you can give more to your loved ones 


Happy Chinese New Year: Get'em angpaos from Merrick by clicking here:
4th February, 1300hrs (GMT+8) - 9th February, 1259hrs (GMT+8)

Presents for you
Valentine's icon for free once you send a gift to your friend
11th February, after patch - 14th February, 2359hrs (GMT+8)

Valentine Present
Get Valentine's Ward for free by finishing 2 FOC MM per day
12th February, 0001hrs(GMT+8) - 14th February, 2359hrs (GMT+8)


1) 30% Top-up Bonus 
4th February, 0000hrs(GMT+8) - 8th February, 2359hrs(GMT+8)

100 Shells ----> 260 Gold Coins
300 Shells ----> 858 Gold Coins
500 Shells ----> 1495 Gold Coins

2) Reopen Avatars 
4th February, 1200hrs(GMT+8) - 9th February, 1159hrs(GMT+8)

3) 1-1 Gifting Chance - 1 per account 
11th February, after patch - 14th February, 0059hrs(GMT+8)

4) Reopen Pink Diamond Color for 1000gc 
12th February, 1200hrs(GMT+8) - 15th February, 1159hrs(GMT+8)


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