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Published on Thursday, 29 March 2018 15:57

Join the event in the in-game client
F.L.E.X, Event Exclusive Avatar, is opening for you to claim it by playing and completing the quests!
Event Period: Mar.29 to May.9
== Basic Knowledge ==

Energy Token F.L.E.X. Core
Collect to get free 
Lucky Draw
Use it for purchasing items in store Requirement for F.L.E.X. Avatar


1. You can collect the energy by completing the quests and get free lucky draw chance
2. Alternatively, You can consume 28 GC for playing lucky draw
3. Inside lucky draw box, it's containing Token, F.L.E.X Core, Daily Special Avatar
4. 100 Energy will be count as 1 free draw
5. the quests will be reset 5.00 AM everday

== Group System ==

1. You create your own group on the event page
2. The group will help you boooooost your energy
3. Each group is having different code using as invitation code
4. You can join or quit the group anytime

== Daily Lucky Bag ==

1. You can buy only once per day, 50 GC
2. The Bag's containing Token, Energy and F.L.E.X Core

 == Core Bag ==

1.No limit per day, 190 GC

2. Guarantee F.L.E.X core and chance to get F.L.E.X avatar immediately


== Store ==

1. You can only use event currency (Token, F.L.E.X Core) in this store 

2. F.L.E.X avatar has cost 6 F.L.E.X Core

3. Rare Avatar has costs by Token differently

4. For now, F.L.E.X Legionnaire and F.L.E.X Silhouette are available in the store

5. Others F.L.E.X will open in the next patch


F.L.E.X Legionnaire F.L.E.X Silhouette
Costs 6 F.L.E.X core Costs 6 F.L.E.X core